Charles Leclerc: I won't crash with Ferrari teammate Sebastian Vettel again

<pre><pre>Charles Leclerc: I won't crash with Ferrari teammate Sebastian Vettel again

Charles Leclerc won two races in his first season with Ferrari

Charles Leclerc of Ferrari says that he and his teammate Sebastian Vettel will no longer drive together on the track.

Their collision in Brazil at the end of last season was the culmination of a series of controversies between the two drivers as they fought for supremacy.

"We are very competitive and sometimes we have some problems on the track," said Leclerc.

"But in the end we're mature enough to know that what happened on the track is on the track, and we deviate from it."

The 22 year old Monegasque, who spoke to Autosport in an interview, added: "The most important thing is that we work well together to develop the car as well as possible and of course not exceed the limits when we are right way as we saw it in Brazil.

"But I think it was a good lesson for both of us and it won't happen again."

There were a number of hot spots between Leclerc and Vettel last season when Ferrari tried to curb its rivalry.

Before Brazil in mid-November, one of the most dramatic events at the September Russian Grand Prix was when Vettel directly ignored the team's instructions to let Leclerc pass him – two.

This immediately followed further controversy at the Italian and Singapore Grands Prix.

However, Leclerc said that every time the dust settled, the couple were able to purify the air.

Leclerc said: "There were times when we didn't really understand each other in certain situations. But it's never really good to talk about it immediately after an incident. So we went for a while and sat down to Russia in Japan again we got along and grew out of this experience. "

Leclerc was one of the stars of 2019 in just his second season in F1, and extended his contract with Ferrari before Christmas by the end of 2024.

He said his focus before the new season, which started in Australia on March 13 and 15, was on reducing the number of mistakes he made with the team in his first season.

"I am working extremely hard to make fewer mistakes than in 2019," said Leclerc. "As a team, we have to focus on that too."

Ferrari had a disappointing year in 2019. Although Leclerc won the cup for most pole positions, the team only won three races in a year it hoped to fight for the championship.

"When it comes to performance, knowing before the first race is always very difficult," said Leclerc. "I wanted to say winter tests, but winter tests went much better in 2019 than in the first race.

"We worked well and I definitely feel more ready than 2019. I hope I can prove it on the right track."