Charles Oakley believes Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t go well with these knicks


Charles Oakley can’t imagine two things: sitting down with James Dolan over coffee during the coronavirus suspension and old school Jeff Jeff Gundy, who trains this group of young Knicks.

According to the sound, Oakley will not miss the new NBA during a season break that will last for at least a month.

During a appearance earlier this week on the Knicks Fan TV podcast, in which he said Dolan was “afraid” of him, Oakley was asked whether he thought Van Gundy was the next Knicks head coach to be a good choice.

“With these guys, a Jeff-type coach?” Said Oakley. “If I know Jeff properly – and I played for him and I know how he trained – I think it would be difficult to come back and train young people. What he believes in his offensive and defense these days is completely different. “

Oakley doesn’t think Van Gundy has the patience for the millennial NBA.

“You can make three or four sales in the first few minutes and miss four free throws and take bad shots,” said Oakley. “You look at these teams. Out of 80 shots, 30 shots are bad.

“Basketball has changed. You don’t get the 90s back. The game has a very different atmosphere. You have to build a team with leaders and players who are willing to sacrifice. These kids are not interested in basketball. They only take care of the check, play video games and social media. “

Charles Oakley; Jeff Van Gundy
Charles Oakley; Jeff Van GundyGetty Images

Nor would Oakley consider his former teammate and Georgetown trainer Patrick Ewing, who as a teammate is more concerned with the big fella. Oakley has fooled Ewing in the past for not having his back after being thrown and arrested in the garden three years ago.

“I have nothing to do with Patrick,” Oakley told the podcast. “He was one of the most difficult guys I’ve ever played with. I played with Patrick for 10 years. He should know me. I should know him. It’s been a tough 10 years because playing with him is not easy – high maintenance. “

Oakley is not sure whether the new President Leon Rose can change the fate of the Knicks soon.

“You can get this or that player, but if you don’t have good chemistry, it doesn’t matter,” said Oakley. “When big people shoot 3s, it’s not really basketball. It should be inside out. It’s hard to build a team now. It’s not just the knicks. A lot of teams go through it.

“It’ll take years (for the Knicks). It’s like driving from New York to Texas. It’s a long road. It’s not just (Dolan). You have no talent left.”

On the surface, the relationship between Oakley and Dolan seemed to thaw easily with the hiring of branding manager Steve Stoute, a long-time Oakley friend.

However, Oakley denied that progress had been made. After Oakley’s lawsuit against the garden had been dismissed last month, the garden’s declaration called for “peace,” its arena ban was lifted, and Stoute said he wanted the franchise to put Oakley back in good hands.

Dolan is now more concerned about the city’s perpetual closure of the garden, but Oakley said he hadn’t made any overtures.

“Steve has a job at the Knicks,” said Oakley. “I don’t work for the Knicks. That’s what he said. Did it happen? It will take about seven different things. You have to apologize to me, the family, the fans, the NBA. It will take a lot of things It’s not just because I know Steve, he doesn’t move me.

“Dolan doesn’t want to come to the table. I tried earlier this year. I tried to get something with them. They said no to us. He doesn’t want to come to the table. He told someone else that he was afraid of me. The man never met me. How is he afraid of me? “