Cheating Astro's death is a sweet "justification" for Aaron Boone


No victories or rings are added to his resume, but Aaron Boone now has the story on his side.

During the first game of ALCS 2019, the Yankees were upset about a pipe from the Astros shelter. Astros manager A.J. Hinch called it "a joke" when he blew up the allegations and later had to clear the air with Boone.

An earlier investigation had freed the Astros from wrongdoing at ALCS 2019, but after Houston was fined on Monday for its sign theft program in 2017, Boone felt justified for his concerns.

"I know (Boone) feels a little bit confirmed about some of his suspicions." Buck Showalter said Monday night on the "Yankees Hot Stove" by YES Network.

When asked about his conversation with Boone, Showalter said it was "just text."

"I don't want to go into any of this, but I mentioned it because I know he was pretty vocal about it during that time and was mocked by some Astros people," said Showalter. "When I look back, I know that the Yankees fans, so to speak … I know that it bothers me. Think of all the people who touched it, people who lost their jobs. I've heard of many who are pretty upset about it. "

Hinch, who made fun of the Yankees' allegations in October, is out of work after he and CEO Jeff Luhnow were given a one-year ban and then released by Astros owner Jim Crane.

Aaron Boone talks to A.J. Before the game of ALCS 2019
Aaron Boone talks to A.J. Before the game of ALCS 2019AP

MLB asked the teams not to comment on the Astros punishment, the Dodgers said. So it is unlikely that Boone will ever reveal his true feelings. But the Yankees manager said in December that he hoped the investigation would lead to "a fairer game."

"Obviously, some of the material is eye-catching, it opens your eyes," Boone said last month. "We'll see where it leads. We obviously know that Major League Baseball takes it seriously and goes through a thorough process of speaking to a lot of people and really trying to find out what really happened, what didn't, and what happened. Hopefully the end result is a better game, a fairer game between the lines. This is something we should all strive for as a sport. Hopefully this process will make a significant contribution to making this the case. "