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At the gym

“I didn’t get that far” through fearless motivation

This song is like a motivational speech. The fiery lyrics are aggression and give me that extra boost when I’m physically exhausted.

‘Survivors’ presented by 2WEI in Grave robbers

I first heard it when Terrence Ruffin, my favorite new-age bodybuilder, used it on stage to pose. This song has emotions and intensity.

“Don’t bother me” by Zack Hemsey

An absolute favorite that keeps me mentally strong. I was a victim of bodyshaming. It hurt when people, including my close friends, made fun of me. I have never shared my pain and anger with anyone, so the lyrics to this song matter.

‘Run for your life’ by The Seige and “monsters” by Jacob Banks

I play these tracks in my long skipping session in the gym. They are at the perfect pace to bounce me on without feeling tired. I’ve done 600-700 times without tripping over these songs.

Nostalgic influences

“Melle melle” from Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam

The compositions of the Johnson master are always something special. Nostalgia takes you to the simple joys of childhood and this is such a gem. My father’s brother had an auto rickshaw and always played it in the vehicle.

“Innumente kannuneeril” from Yuvajanolsavam

It is one of the best works by the Ravindran master.

“Thaaram vaalkkannaadi” from Keli

This is from the time when I had an urge to understand music. It was surprising to know that director Bharathan composed the track.

A screenshot of the song

A screenshot of the song “Kadhalikkum pennin” from “Kadhalan”
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Special arrangement

“Kadhalikum pennin” from Kadhalan and “Kandukondein kandukondein” from Kandukondein Kandukondein

Both of them gave me new musical experiences. They were a revelation regarding the instruments used, such as Thavil and Veena.


“Odalenna vilakkil” from Sthithi

A rarely mentioned song [composed by Unni Menon] with heartwarming lyrics [by Prabha Varma] and beautiful representation of Sujatha Ma’am.

‘Cloudy sunday’

Other than the “suicide song”, it has a dark history. I always play it on my violin, especially during the sound check. It makes me happy; In fact, dark songs calm me down.

‘If you want me’ from once

In my experience, creativity comes from pain and this song has that pain.

“En jeevane” from Devadoothan

This is Vidyasagar’s best job. The background assessment is on a different level. The mood it creates with its lyrics is magical.

Oscar winner Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla

“Pajaros” by Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla

Gustavo, an Oscar-winning musician, is my favorite international composer. This is an instrumental track and a good example of the fact that you don’t need lyrics to fuel your imagination. He is the master of subtle melancholy.

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