Chief Damien Williams enjoys life away from the dolphins


MIAMI – You wouldn't blame the bosses for running Damien Williams back if he wanted to be happy this week.

Williams, who played for the Dolphins from 2014 to 2017 (when they signed him on as an uncalled free agent) (after that, they decided not to offer him a new contract) has the time of his life in Kansas City.

Williams, who has done more yards and touchdowns this season (498 and five) than in the past four years with the Dolphins (477 and three), has some problems this week. He not only plays a Super Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium, the home stadium of the Dolphins, but the Chiefs also train in the Dolphins training facility.

"I'm happy that we are training at the Dolphins facility because I can get everything out early – to be back home, to be in the stadium where I used to play," Williams said Wednesday. "I am able to express these emotions as early as possible so that I can get to the stadium." [for the Super Bowl]Where it all started for me, all emotions will be gone and remembering will be gone. "

Damien Williams
Damien WilliamsGetty Images

27-year-old Williams has become a key player in the Chiefs' offensive. He owed his time to the Dolphins for his help – despite the disappointment that no new contract was offered to him after 2017.

"It hurt," said Williams. "I take these days and put them in a box and keep going, play on. Sometimes I open the box. When I was leaving [to Miami,] I was a little kid who left college. Everything is timing. It wasn’t my time. I was just here to play soccer. To be a young child and [leaving Miami forced me] grow up a bit. "

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Williams was a factor in the Chiefs' postseason when he got seven passes for 65 yards and one touchdown and 92 yards and three TDs for 29 carry passes. In the last four games, he scored eight TDs in 71 strokes (56 rushes and 14 receptions).

"Damien has matured enormously in the past two years," said Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs Offensive Coordinator. “His knowledge of the game has grown and he has unique skills. He is blessed with tremendous speed and great vision. He is a great soccer player who happens to be in the running back position. The guy can catch. He can let it go and he can block. "

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