Chief Damien Williams feels for ex-teammate Kareem Hunt

<pre><pre>Chief Damien Williams feels for ex-teammate Kareem Hunt

MIAMI – Damien Williams and Kareem Hunt shared the Chiefs Running Backs room in 2018. On Tuesday, Williams was preparing for the Super Bowl and was asked for a video in which Hunt was stopped by a cop near Cleveland last week.

In the video, Hunt asks the cop and shows his pain of not being part of the Super Bowl with the chiefs who designed him in 2017.

"I should be playing for a fucking Super Bowl," said Hunt. "It hurts my soul. You don't understand that I've been fighting a lot lately, man. It still hurts me today. I love Cleveland, I love the Browns, but you don't understand, sometimes I'm just the worst person in the world, I think. And I don't do anything. Try to help everyone. "

The Chiefs released Hunt in November 2018 after a video of an incident in February 2018 surfaced. The video showed how he kicks a woman. The Browns signed him in February 2019 and he was suspended for eight games last season.

Williams was asked if he felt for Hunt.

"Definitely," said Williams. "At the end of the day, nobody wants to go through something that they've been through. It's a great friend of mine. I talk to him every day. It's something we'll do together."

Williams refused to engage in their conversations.

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"I want to keep our conversations between us," he said.

Hunt had been the main actor in Kansas City's crime. In 2017, he rushed as a rookie for 1,327 yards and eight touchdowns. Williams has now emerged as the leaders' standings and will compete with Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, while Hunt is struggling with the disappointment of not being there Miami.

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