Chief Super Bowl hero Damien Williams has the homecoming of his life


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Talk about a homecoming.

Damien Williams, who had spent the first four years of his career with the Dolphins, returned to South Florida and scored the game-decisive touchdown in the 2020 Super Bowl in his old home stadium.

After 2:44 minutes, Williams caught a 5-yard touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes and barely managed to get the ball into the end zone to give the chiefs a 24-20 lead on the way to their first Super Bowl title to provide 50 years.

The touchdown put the chiefs on a seven-game, 65-meter course, whose attack stagnated most of the night. The referee looked closely at the touchdown point during the replay, as it appeared that Williams hadn't brought the ball over the goal line before he stepped out of the box. However, the touchdown was when the repetition showed that he was just breaking the plane with the ball.

Damien Williams Super Bowl 2020 Chiefs defeated 49ers 31-20
Damien WilliamsEPA

Williams set the punctuation mark for the win with a touchdown of 38 yards and 1:12 behind in order to seal the Chiefs' 31:20 win over the 49ers.

Williams was a key player for the chiefs all night. He had 17 rushes for 104 yards and a touchdown and four catches for 29 yards, including the score the game won.

The 27-year-old spoke all week about how emotional he would be when he returned to Miami. He played for the Dolphins from 2014-17. Miami let him go as a free agent after the 2017 season and he signed with the chiefs.

He had 498 rushing yards and five touchdowns this season, both career highlights.

Williams not only returned to Hard Rock Stadium this week, but also practiced at the Dolphins & # 39; Training Center.

"I'm happy that we are training at the Dolphins facility because I can get everything out early – to be back home, to be in a stadium where I used to play," Williams said last week. "I am able to express these emotions as early as possible so that I can get to the stadium." [for the Super Bowl]Where it all started for me, all emotions will be gone and remembering will be gone. "

The emotions may have disappeared before the game, but they were certainly a fluid aftermath for Williams.