Chiefs only needed two games to transform the fate of the Super Bowl


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The Chiefs were dead. The 49ers were on their way to winning the Super Bowl 2020, and then everything changed in two games.

The 49er defense had troubled, confused, and confused the entire game about the Kansas City offensive. The Niners led 20:10 in the fourth quarter and had full control of the game.

And then it happened.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who had just thrown five catches in 14 regular-time games but had thrown two on Sunday night, connected to receiver Tyreek Hill for 44 yards in a third-and-15 game from Kansas City 35- yard line.

This piece lit a fire. It gave the bosses a 6:35 premiere on the San Francisco 21-yard line and changed everything. It aroused the slumbering crime in Kansas City and stabbed the 49ers like an unexpected cut in the chin.

Sammy Watkins
Sammy Watkins catches the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 2020.Getty Images

"We definitely have an energy boost from it," said Chiefs recipient Demarcus Robinson.

"You never know when there's an opportunity … it's crazy," said Hill.

“They played this kind of robbery reporting throughout the game, with security falling and our deep crossing routes being robbed, and we had a good game call where we had Travis Kelce crossed a little steeper and we got Tyreek-on-one with this security [Jimmie Ward]Mahomes said.

Four games after the hill catch, Mahomes connected a 1-yard touchdown to Kelce to reduce the deficit 6:17 to 20-17.

Then the Kansas City defense took over and stopped the 49er attack.

"They were in control of the game and should end the game, but they gave us a little spark," said Chiefs linebacker Reggie Ragland.

The next spark came from Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins, who got a 38-yard pass from Mahomes to take Kansas City into the lead with a first-and-goal from the 10-yard line of the 49ers. Three games later, the Chiefs took the lead 24:20 on a Mahomes shot when they returned Damien Williams.

"This is just Sammy who is Starship 14 and plays a piece for the offense when we needed it," said Hill.

Watkins was behind 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman on the 38-yard game.

"I wasn't really tired," said Sherman. "Just mistakes. Simple mistakes. Self inflicted. We just didn't run our game. We have to run our game for four quarters. "

The bosses who ran back LeSean McCoy said he said backup quarterbacks Chad Henne and Matt Moore on the sidelines: “We need to go to Sammy more. Sherman is good, but Sherman will never cover Sammy. He is strong, he is fast, he jams. Sammy is probably the best individual recipient we have. We went to him and did a few plays.

"It was a different game after he made that catch."