Chiefs Sammy Watkins: I could relax and sit down next year


MIAMI – Sammy Watkins, one of the chief's main offensive players, dropped a Super Bowl bomb on Thursday when he indicated he could skip the 2020 season.

The talented recipient said he was considering his options after the Super Bowl and one of those options was to "relax" next season.

This conversation takes place because 26-year-old Watkins, who signed a three-year, $ 48 million contract with the Chiefs in 2018, is slated to act as a free agent after the 2020 season. He plans to earn $ 14 million by 2020, but none of this is guaranteed. And the Chiefs could probably prepare to lock up star quarterback Patrick Mahomes with a gigantic new contract.

When asked about a possible renegotiation of his contract on Thursday, Watkins said, “If it suits me and my family and [meets] my needs, sure. But I'm in another room right now. I don't know what I'm going to do. If we win [the Super Bowl]I could relax I could skip a year. You just never know.

"[I’m] do not retire, but maybe I just want to rest and relax. I don't want to say I'm going to do anything, but you never know. I might want to go somewhere else and start another Super Bowl team. So it's just about how I feel. I have to sit down with my family, my parents and grandparents and everyone and see what I want to do. "

Despite being a highly talented receiver, Watkins' numbers were not productive. He scored 52 passes for 673 yards and three touchdowns in 14 games this season, though he had nine catches for 198 yards and three TDs at the season opener. He has 92 receptions for 1,192 yards and six TDs in 28 regular season games for the Chiefs.

Sammy Watkins
Sammy WatkinsAP

However, Watkins was successful in the playoffs, scoring seven passes for 114 yards and two TDs in the Chiefs' AFC title win against the Titans.

Another possible factor that could affect Watkins 'future is the Chiefs' decision to sign Mahomes for an extension that will be costly. The Chiefs would reach a $ 7 million salary cap if Watkins were released.

When asked if he thought he would definitely be back next season, the quietly spoken Watkins said, "Maybe not if we win the Super Bowl and have to pay Pat 300 million and then you have to pay [tight end Travis] Kelce and others too.

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"So you never know. But I definitely love it [in Kansas City], My family loves it here. If we keep winning here, I'm ready to stay somewhere. I want to stay here. I don't want to go to another team and lose. I think I would retire if I lost games again. As long as we win games and I stay healthy and have fun, I am ready to stay. "

Jimmy G's newest Star Niners QB

Jimmy Garoppolo knows his 49ers story and understands what it means to be the quarterback who brings this franchise to a Super Bowl.

"It's an honor," said Garoppolo this week. "I was too young for [Joe] Of course in Montana. [Steve] Young probably too young. These two guys really set standards for quarterbacks here. "

More recently, there was another quarterback that put the 49ers in a Super Bowl.

"Cape did a great job too," said Garoppolo. "I was a little older and had to experience that."

Colin Kaepernick's career peaked in his second year with the 49ers after the 2012 season when he passed 302 yards and a touchdown and ran for a touchdown and almost defeated the Ravens in the Super Bowl XLVII. He knelt down to protect racial injustice during the national anthem and most recently played in 2016.

"He would do a few plays, dude," said Garoppolo. “I remember the game against Green Bay in the playoffs that I always noticed. Zone read, the D-end was still looking at the rewind and he was 20 yards down on the field. These explosive games don't happen every day. "

Shanahan: Last Name "Benefit"

Employed as an NFL assistant at the age of 24? Who the hell did Kyle Shanahan know to get such a job?

Just look at his last name. The guy has a lot to live for.

"I mean, I would never try to say that it is difficult to have a really good life and gain many benefits," said Shanahan at the 49ers Team Hotel this week.

Shanahan, 40, brought his team here to the Super Bowl LIV, and his coaching career has been a quick success, not only because he's the son of Mike Shanahan, the long-time NFL head coach and winner of Back-to-Back-Super Bowls with the broncos. Having such a powerful father in NFL circles was a blessing to Kyle Shanahan when he was hired by Jon Gruden at the Buccaneers in 2004 and gave Shanahan his first NFL job.

"I didn't know Jon Gruden personally. I think it helped my father to know him a little and gave me an opportunity," said Shanahan. "I think everyone, if people know your last name, it's human nature. When I made the basketball team in high school, it was just because of my father, according to the guys who didn't make it, or whatever you did do in sports.

"You get used to it. I think it puts a little bit on your shoulder, but hopefully as you get older it wears off. "

Both teams are healthy

The 49ers are getting healthier just in time. LB Kwon Alexander (chest), RB Tevin Coleman (shoulder) and S Jaquiski Tartt (ribs) were restricted in training on Thursday for the second day in a row. "No change," said Shanahan. "You will be good to go."

The players in the Chiefs' injury report – DL Chris Jones, TE Travis Kelce, C Austin Reiter and TE Deon Yelder – practiced without any problems. … Coach Andy Reid let Donovan McNabb, his former quarterback with the Eagles, speak to his team before training. "He was there and did it," said Reid. "He was in the league and played for a long time. It was good to hear from him." McNabb never won a Super Bowl and lost to the Patriots 15 years ago.

Jets & # 39; Copeland receives award

The NFL Players Association honored linebacker Brandon Copeland with the Alan Page Community Award 2020 on Thursday.

The award is the highest award the NFLPA awards to a player each year. Copeland receives a $ 100,000 donation to its Beyond the Basics Foundation.

Copeland organized a shopping spree at Target for 300 disadvantaged children in December. He also encouraged NFL players across the country to do the same.

"The power you have is monumental. Please keep doing the right thing and highlight the good with your pen. We know that as players we work our tails to make an impact while we're on the platform, ”he told reporters after accepting the award.