Child Safe Windows Blinds – Safety First for Kid Concerns


Children are adorable as they are playful and ignorant. Especially children below the age of 10 are very hard to control. You just cannot tell them what to do and what to avoid. Since windows in many rooms are always accessible, keeping them safe for children is important. Windows blinds that are child safe, help keep them out of danger in rooms where contact with window coverings is frequent.

For family homes, child safety is of course the top priority. Regular windows blinds may have sharp ends and edges that might be dangerous for children. You need specialized cordless shades and blinds that can help reduce the risk. Since, cords are the main things to worry about, eliminating them eases out the rest. Also, wood window blinds, metal venetians and others can injure the skin as well.

Motorized Blinds with Integrated Strings

Eliminating strings from windows blinds is a good start for window coverings. Automated motorized blinds are available in many shapes and forms. These are available with integrated non-exposed strings that move them up or down.

Motorized roller window blinds specialize in providing maximum design and color choices while being child safe as well. Made from soft composite materials, rollers don’t have any sharp edges or sides as well. Design choices are potentially limitless as well as you can get your preferred ones made for you.

Their motorized mechanisms are available with mobile connectivity as well as. Remote controls for these types of blinds make them easy to operate too. Once installed, you kids will be able to play around the freely without the worry of getting tangled in cords and strings.

String-Less Integral Windows Blinds

Integral blinds are sort of newcomers to the windows blinds industry. However, they have quickly gained much popularity. These essentially have no strings or cords at all. Magnetic operation is what makes them the perfect choice for homes with kids of different ages.

These have horizontal striped designs and have magnetic ends. Another magnet is attached on the other side of the window glass. This magnet is used to change the angle of their slats opening or closing them for usage. Simple sliding up or down of the magnet does the job for you.

Quality integral blinds are made from softer materials and are topped with soft layers of paints as well. These are perfect for door panels and windows at the same time. however, for too large windows, these might not work well as the magnet will need to travel too much.

Special Kid Friendly Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are essentially metal venetians at their core. These are covered with soft fabrics that are integrated fully to their surfaces. The softer materials on their surfaces make these perfect choices for kid’s rooms in any house.

Pleated blinds are available in many bright colors as well. These will have strings and cords for pulling them in and off windows however. You will need to manage their cords and strings nicely in order to make the window area safe for kids.

Usually, homeowners manage their strings by hanging them up high away from children’s reach. However, this may not be perfectly safe at all times. Be sure to make the strings stay away from kids and materials on pleated blinds will provide safety.

Soft Roman Blinds Made from Fabrics

Quality Roman blinds have been gracing windows for a really long time. Originating from early Romans, these have large chunks folding on themselves for opening and closing. Their characteristic thick fabrics make them the perfect choice for homes with kids or children rooms.

Since Roman blinds will not have any sharp slats with dangerous edges, all you have to worry about is their strings. Part of the strings that pull the blinds is tucked inside their fabrics. Other hanging out part can easily be tucked at the top away from children’s reach.

These are also perfect blackout blinds making kid’s rooms easy to sleep in during the day nap times. As far as safety is concerned, there will be much reduced skin cut risks or other injury dangers. Roman blinds are also some of the most affordable window coverings as well.

Vertical Blinds with Secure Endings

One of the major factors that makes vertical blinds not so kid-friendly is their ending parts. Characteristically, endings of vertical blinds have been made from hard plastics that can be injury hazards for kids. However, if you can take care of that, they become a pretty safe option.

Materials used for vertical blinds are always soft with a thick fabric like feeling. Composite weaved materials are generally used for these types of windows blinds. Living rooms or bedrooms can easily have vertical blinds gracing their large windows.

Also, pulling strings can be shortened up for vertical blinds. This makes them sit high away from children’s reach at any time. Motorized vertical blinds are also another option available for kid-friendly homes eliminating strings altogether.