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Choices and Applications for Automatic Screw Feeders

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Choices and Applications for Automatic Screw Feeders

Choices and Applications for Automatic Screw Feeders

Automation has revolutionized manufacturing and production processes drastically. There is a huge demand in automating the assembly lines for improved efficiency and cost reduction on time and labor. For this purpose, the screw sorting and supplying processes are playing an important role.

All assembly lines and production houses deal with screws. A number of screws are required per item being assembled. A lot of manpower is required to finish the work on time by manually sorting, picking, placing, and tightening every screw. The cost of manual operation for large-scale production is not feasible with manual methods. So, the automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers have provided a viable solution through assembly automation screw feeders.

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There are numerous choices for an automatic screw feeder system. Any of the following options can be chosen according to the requirement specifications:

• XY Table Automated Screw Feeder Machine

It is a robot-type automatic screw feeder system. Its best feature is that it greatly reduces labor requirements for the screw tightening process. This particular type facilitates programmable screw tightening, collecting work and process data, and catching missing screw or faulty ones. With these qualities, it improves work quality and efficiency for assembly. It works with minimal supervision with is an added benefit.

• Desktop Robotic Automated Screw Feeder Machine

The automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers have offered this smart device as a desktop version with a vacuum screw collection process along the double Y-axis. This machine is quite easy to use and moves along 4 axes. It offers performance stability for small-sized or lightweight electronics such as cell phones, tablets, POS, and handheld radio devices. This machine is also handy in hardware and circuit board assembly.

The device's operation process is convenient as there is no need for traditional picking and placing of screws in each individual hole. The device sorts screws with vacuum suction and supplied over a moving XY table. An operator loads the item for assembly onto the table over the Y-axis and next the screws are locked in place. With vacuum pick-up, screws are supplied constantly without any pauses or interruptions. The constant workstream saves time and labor and improves the overall efficiency of the automation process.

• Automated Screw Feeder Machine with Robotic Arm

This type of assembly automation screw feeders are perfect for high-end production plants. The robotic arm moves along 6 axes and works a lot faster than human hands. The automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers can configure this device for any given production line or mechanism. This device supplies the screw for tightening in their places and locks them quickly. All the information for a successful screw locking process is fed to the device in advance then it keeps working independently and perfectly. There is no need to fuss over feeding the screws, torque, screwdrivers, skips, or abnormal movements. It is all taken care of in advance to offer a smooth-running process for quick and reliable assembly automation. The device comes with diverse specifications and various options for integration.

• Automated screw feeding via Vibration Bowl

The vibration bowl-type feeders can deliver 50 units per minute. They can sort screws of specific sizes like up to 30mm long. They are low maintenance devices with a tack for feeding screws in bulk and a very simple structure to sort and supply them.

• Automated Magnetic Screw Feeders

Magnetic type screw feeders are ideal for assembly by a human operator. They are generally used in small-scale production assembly or single unit manufacturing houses. It is also a popular choice among DIY projects and handymen. It is an easy-grip handheld device that uses magnetic absorption to set the screws in place. This device is ideal for placing screws in difficult access areas like around a curve or through the wiring. It offers easy adjustment and precision. Since it is a magnetic mechanism, it does not need any carbon brush replacement due to extended use. Also, this device and work for hours continuously and get not heat up. It is overall convenient for the operator and fairly simple to use with easy settings.

• Specialized Assembly Automation Screw Feeders

These assembly screw feeding devices produce exceptionally low noise and work perfectly without causing any scratches on material hoppers as well as the unit under assembly. They provide remarkable finishing for high-end product assembly. They are controlled by Fiber Optics, therefore, save power and produce less noise. They work with a pneumatic feeding system i.e. using air pressure and supply the next screw in 0.5s for placement. It is a hands-free mechanism of picking and placing screws which is ideal to prevent the transfer of any moisture from skin causing rust. The automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers offer easy customization by configuring a screwdriver at the end to supply and fasten screws simultaneously. It is a perfect device for fully automated assembly lines.

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Applications of Automated Screw Feeders

There are three most important applications of automated screw feeders:

1. For the Assembly of Medical Devices

Medical devices whether small or large need to be manufactured according to a strict set of rules. Any disturbance or compromise can damage the product's quality and risk human lives. An automatic screw feeder system offers guaranteed precision and accuracy with is essential for the assembly of top-quality medical devices.

2. For the Assembly of Aerospace Machinery 

Aerospace machinery and equipment need 110% accuracy with pitch-perfect manufacturing and assembly. There can be no compromises or mistakes in any aspect of the production or assembly. To support this goal and offer smooth operations for aerospace assembly, assembly automation screw feeders are simply necessary.

3. For the Assembly of Electrical Appliances

There is a lot of competition among various brands for consumer electronic appliances. They compete in the market the production and assembly of each individual product has to be executed flawlessly. This high-level precision demand for production assembly can only be met by smart devices supplied by automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers.

Weigh all the options and beneficial applications of automated screw feeders carefully and consider the advantages of incorporating them in your assembly line.

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