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Chrissy’s cravings

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How many Americans during the Corona virus Quarantine, Chrissy Teigen stayed at home and cooked a lot. And just like the rest of us, celebrities struggle to find certain grocery items because many Americans have stocked up on ingredients.

Last month, the supermodel and author jokingly posted on Twitter that she urgently needed romaine lettuce – and would trade anyone who had a loaf of her famous banana bread.

Twitter user Chris Klemens got through for her and published a photo of herself with an unopened bag of Romaine. After confirming that the photo was actually taken recently, Teigen accepted the exchange.

However, this was only the beginning of this saga. Shortly after she approved Klemens’ Romaine, Teigen tweeted that she only had enough bananas to make a loaf of bread – and her husband John Legend was unhappy about losing some banana bread out of the oven. Instead of simply giving away a whole banana bread, Teigen asked Klemens to exchange half a loaf of bread for the Romaine mentioned above. “I’m throwing a piece of cake into it,” added Teigen. Klemens seems to have accepted this change in plan, and that’s how the trade was done (and obviously documented on Twitter, with a lot of social distance between the two parties).

Those who followed this escapade with romaine and banana bread could now actually ask for a loaf of warm banana bread. Luckily, Teigen already shared its famous banana bread recipe with the world in 2017. You may have to bake it yourself – no Romaine required – but at least you still have banana bread. Teigen’s version contains plenty of crushed brown bananas, a box of instant vanilla pudding, grated coconut and chocolate chips and is placed in a bundt pan for maximum moisture.

Once it’s out, share with whoever you have been quarantined With. And who knows: Perhaps you are looking for romaine lettuce from your neighbor and you have to make a deal yourself. At least you now have the Twitter recommended banana bread to seal the deal.

See how Chowhound editor-in-chief Hana Asbrink makes banana bread:

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