Cloudflare acquires the secret startup S2 Systems and announces Cloudflare for Teams

<pre><pre>Cloudflare acquires the secret startup S2 Systems and announces Cloudflare for Teams

Cloudflare announced the acquisition of S2 Systems, a browser isolation startup launched by previous Microsoft managers. The two companies did not announce the purchase price.

Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, This acquisition is part of a new suite of products called Cloudflare for Teams, designed to protect an organization from Internet threats. S2 has specifically developed a solution to prevent browser-based code attacks.

Prince said the company had been considering how to incorporate this type of technology into the Cloudflare product family for some time. As with many companies, it had to decide whether to partner, build a business, or acquire a business. Prince said when he got to know the S2 founding team and tested their technology, he was impressed with the speed and execution.

The team felt good, and Cloudflare made an offer. It had to bid against some other companies (which he didn't name), but in the end S2 chose Cloudflare. He sees such technologies that help improve the competitive conditions for Internet users around the world.

“We are thrilled to have them on board and believe that by combining their better browser isolation technology with our ubiquitous network, we can really redefine how companies protect their employees and, in the long run, how people generally do on the Internet surf where we can make a low-end phone have an experience similar to a brand new, modern iPhone, ”said Prince. This is due to the enormous computing power that can be available in its network in 200 cities worldwide, which relieves the phone or other devices.

However, the acquisition is not isolated. This is part of a broader announcement about a new product category called Cloudflare for Teams. This is intended to provide a range of protection features that include S2 browser isolation as well as VPN and identity protection.

Cloudflare for Teams consists of two main components: Cloudflare Access and Cloudflare Gateway. Access is a zero trust identity and access management tool that companies can use to ensure that their employees use the latest software on their devices.

Gateway is designed to protect businesses and individuals from Internet threats that S2 fits. The company offers three versions: gateway with DNS-based filtering and audit logging; Gateway Pro, which protects all Internet traffic; and Gateway Enterprise, which helps prevent data loss and includes S2 browser isolation technology.

The S2 acquisition closed on December 31. S2's 10 employees are now part of the Cloudflare team and will remain in Kirkland, WA to set up a Cloudflare office. The company was in stealth prior to the acquisition.