Colombian Chiper brings technology to your local mom and pop stores

<pre><pre>Colombian Chiper brings technology to your local mom and pop stores

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Contxto – Latin America is full of all sorts of quirks and practices that might be striking to an outsider. The small shops in the region are one such attraction.

Keeping and keeping an inventory for these small businesses can be a tedious task. The Colombian startup Chiper wants to help these entrepreneurs to use technology and to be successful.

Charm of a local mom and pop shop

Depending on which part of Latam you are in, these corner shops may be referred to as La Tienda de la Esquina. tienditas. bodegas, Tiendas de Barrio, However, the trend term for these locations are nanostores.

These are small, family-owned companies that sell packaged consumer goods. Examples of the offer include foods in the form of fries and soda, as well as other staple foods such as toiletries.

Children love them because they are the best place to get junk food. While neighborhoods rely on these companies to make improvised purchases.

In the meantime, entire families can depend on the income from their business.

Many of these companies are quaint and useful, but have problems with inventory and access to technology to remain relevant to large retailers in urban areas.

And in rural communities, it can be difficult to get technology.

This is where Chiper comes in.

A digital provider

Via the start-up platform, a Tiendita can access a large database of suppliers and brands at reasonable prices. And Chiper takes care of the logistics of delivering the order to the store.

José Bonilla, Oscar Sarria Guerrero and Carolina Garica founded Chiper in 2018

Since then, the start-up should have over 3,000 partner companies, but by the end of the year there should be 10,000. In addition to supporting mom-and-pop stores in his native Colombia, Chiper also expanded to Mexico.

Technology to help the little guy

Chains like Walmart conquer the lawn typical of nanostores and switch it off according to statistics from the consulting firm Kantar Worldpanel. Accordingly, this institution recommends that these small businesses invest in e-commerce and more innovative sales channels and explore them to stay in the game.

There are startups like Cornershop that are experiencing a boom in their partnerships with greats like Costco and Walmart. However, it would be interesting to find entrepreneurs who are interested in handling the delivery and logistics for these smaller players.