Common Questions about Amazon PPC (Ads) – How to Sell on Amazon


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Some of the questions answered in this video:

1- Why is it necessary to do PPC? What’s its purpose?

2- How does the PPC system generally work?

3- In general, problems are the types of PPC campaign that you can do?

4-selected are the MATCH types that you can select in a Manual campaign?

5- When launching a new product, how long to run the PPC campaigns?

6- The advertisement of my product for one of the main keywords appears on page 4 of results, what do you recommend me to do?

7- consider are the most important variables to analyze once I have the results of the PPC campaign?

8- I have many clicks but few sales, what do I need to adjust?

9- How can I know what organic and multiple PPC sales I am having?

10- What are negative keywords for?

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