Competent advice on getting started in the workforce changed by coronavirus


With millions of people Submission for unemployment Because of the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, many are looking for jobs and wondering where to find them. Basic services, remote jobs and fast appearances are currently prevalent in the millions employees on leave Looking for work, reports CBS New York.

“For the time being, you should be ready to take a job below your level,” career adviser Eileen Sharaga told the broadcaster.

Sharaga now said more than ever that job hunting is about matching the skills you already have with the jobs available.

“The important thing is how you can translate your subject to suit a long-distance conference call situation,” said Sharaga. “You will need to revisit your LinkedIn profile because this LinkedIn profile needs to be adapted to the world out there.”

LinkedIn helps make job hunting easier by encouraging employers to use the hashtags #coronavirushiring and #nowhiring in job postings.

“No matter what pandemic we are in, there will always be jobs for sellers,” said Sharaga.

Sharaga said industries such as remote customer service, pharmacy, grocery, and delivery service are hiring in large numbers. Areas such as telemedicine, technology and online lessons also bring new employees on board. Luke Marklin, CEO of the moving company Bellhops, said she had seen a constant hiring rate too.

“While the virus has had an impact, the industry is still heading for summer and many leases are expiring, which is why we are active on Bellhops,” said Marklin.

Millions are still waiting for checks as the rise in unemployment claims leads to a backlog

Marklin said the company’s moving companies are able to choose their own schedules, when and how they work, and then assign jobs based on those preferences.

“Bellhops can make $ 20 to $ 30 an hour, including tips, and that can be a lot of money in a short time,” said Marklin.

Jobs like this and information about applying for unemployment can be found online on many state websites.