Complete Rank Math Tutorial | Better than Yoast SEO 💥


In this video, I walk you through all the Rank Math settings – the best plugin that allows you to optimize your website. And it’s free! With Rank Math you can import all Yoast SEO settings and take your website optimization even further than Yoast SEO.

There is a wizard that will get you up and running with this amazing SEO plugin. After that, we will configure the general settings, the title and the meta settings, we will talk about the xml sitemaps and upload them to your Google Search Console account. If you don’t have an account yet, I’ll show you how to get one and like your website.

We will talk about monitor 404 and if you see that there are broken links on your website you can redirect them to the correct page. We will talk about rich snippets that will make your search result on search engines look much better! After applying what you learn about Rank Math in this video, your website is optimized to rank better on Google and other search engines!

Here is an overview with timestamps:
00:01:49 Get Rank Math
00:03:10 Create a free Rank Math account
Start the magician
00:05:34 Link your Search Console account
00:08:32 Set up your sitemaps
00:09:25 Configure some SEO settings

Advancement options
00:10:39 Set up monitor 404
Configure the schematic markup
00:14:00 Activate and deactivate plugins

General configuration
00:15:03 Configure the general settings
00:17:27 Configure your images
The 404 monitor
00:19:00 Link your Google Search Console and your Bing account
00:23:29 Configure the redirect settings

Title and meta settings
00:24:13 Set the title and meta settings
00:26:28 Configure local SEO settings
00:28:31 Add your social media accounts
00:29:57 Configure publication formats
00:33:25 Publications, pages and miscellaneous

00:37:17 What are sitemaps?
00:40:29 Submit your sitemaps to Google

00:43:00 Monitor 404
00:43:33 Create redirects
00:46:19 Do an SEO site analysis

00:47:03 Optimize individual pages / posts