Complete Wedding Planning 101: How to Plan This Biggest Day of Your Life?


Ah! So, you got a ring on your finger? Newly engaged? Congratulations!

It’s time to plan the perfect wedding. But hey, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are things like date fixing, venue selection, outfit ideas, etc. to be planned. We know it is a hectic work, however rightly sure that 70% of your stress will get relieved once you are done with this blog.

Wedding Plan Checklist [Chronological Order] 

As the title goes, it is indeed a complete wedding planner with all the essentials and the points you need to keep in mind for the best wedding day ever!

Shall we?

Your wedding announcement 

To be honest, I don’t know why couples hesitate from doing this task. Like come on, if you don’t make the announcement, how will the wedding coordinator start his/her work? Keep things easy, start with both the families and your close friends. Making your wedding announcement in person is the best way to get started. Once all the folks are happy about the decision, go ahead and start informing about it to other family members, slowly and gradually.

Sit and discuss with your partner

Yes, it’s equally important to plan the wedding along with your partner. You should know your partner’s wishes and plans too, isn’t it? This one of the basic ways that can help you plan your wedding online. Take a book and pen and start making notes of the things that you want and what your partner wants.

Make a set of priorities like – wedding location, wedding theme, sending the invites, vendors, etc. Not talks on money yet! Just note doing the must-haves for the wedding.

Fix a budget (for better clarity)

Now comes the budget. I know you may feel like, budget is too early for the list, however for a better, clear planning you need to have the budget idea on your mind too.  

Make the guest-list (the tentative one)

It’s next to impossible to fix the number of guests, I understand that. However, it is one of the crucial decisions when it comes to the wedding day. You should have an estimated count of the people that are going to be present for your wedding and make a rough list for the same.

Well, there comes a lot of differences between a party of 100 members versus that of 500 people. You will have to consider the luxury wedding planner and get a clear suggestion on how and where to start.

Choose the venue 

Once you have the average count of the invitees, you could check on the second most important thing and that is; wedding venue. It’s important to find a suitable location which is convenient for all the guests invited to the party. Later, you can also decide to keep the venue closer to the bride’s parents making it easier and more convenient for your old pare to your old parents.

You’re wedding website if you want! 

This is an exceptional elopement planner thing, but something you can try on. You can create a customized website and announce your wedding date on the website. Later, share the website URL along with your friends and family people. Add in all the important details like date, location, time, family member names and photographs, a small ‘our story’ section. You can make it creative and personal in your style.

Wedding vendors- get in touch with them at the earliest!

You will need an average of 13-15 contacts for planning a wedding ceremony. Even a simple wedding planning requires venue, caterers, music, photographers, videographers, wedding dress and much more! The Wedding Wire has taken an excellent take on the wedding vendors list here. You can bookmark it for future reference as well.

Finalize the guest-list

This is the final call on the guest lists. Go through all the names and make a finalized list of the people whom you are planning to invite for the wedding. Once you have some approximate guest count, check if it will be suitable for the wedding venue. [Tip: Having a guest estimation could help with better planning]

Save the dates!

There’s no fixed style of carrying out the ‘save the date’ ritual. If you consider the current times, a special wedding date photography is scheduled where a couple poses along with the save the date props. On the other hand, you can even mail or message your relatives and friends about the event in advance (4 months before your wedding).


If you are a born fashionista, then you might have started planning your wedding dress way too early! I can guess that! According to my, checking out the latest wedding outfit ideas for the bride and groom can be planned within 6 months to the wedding. This way you can keep your bridal wear stylish and add all the other essentials you need.

Plan your honeymoon 

Are you one of those crazy honeymoon planner couples who wish to travel a bunch of destinations? If yes, then you need to start the preparation at least 7-8 months before the wedding. Check all the passport and document formalities required for the tour. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and take the necessary shots for the traveling.

Pre-wedding shoots

Book your favorite wedding photographers in Columbus town and schedule a meeting with them to plan the photography. You can set up a pre-wedding photoshoot, wedding shoot, and the reception ceremony. Discuss with your partner and fix a date as per the convenience and communicate with the photographer.

Sending the invitations 

There is an ample number of wedding invitation ideas you can go through for your wedding! Once the number of the guests are finalized, get in touch with a wedding card creator, and let them know your preferences about the wedding card. You can also save the paper and send an e-invitation card to all your invitees via email or message.

All the legal proceedings

Marriage, love, and romance is all cool and happy – but you need a proper marriage license for you and your partner to get legally married. Each state has its own marriage laws and proceeding. So, just make sure that you have studied and gone through all the files.

Get all the wedding plans confirmed from the vendors

Double-check about the arrangement and preparation status with all the vendors involved in your wedding day. This will help in avoiding the end moment hustle and confusion by a big margin.

Get married! 

And finally, all your wedding preparation and efforts are going to show up on this day. I have just one piece of advice, ‘Enjoy and live the moments freely’.

We have tried to cover up all the details in one article. Hope this wedding planner guide helps you and gives a better idea of how to plan your D-day! Until then, love yourself and spread more love and kindness around you.