Conor McGregor’s tailor turns infamous ‘f - - k you’ suit into coronavirus face mask


He swears by them.

Conor McGregor’s tailor is turning the bird into the coronavirus with facial masks based on his infamous “f – – k you” outfit. The UFC “The Notorious” star memorably sported the impromptu striped streak design during the promotional events leading up to his much-publicized cross fight with Floyd Mayweather three years ago.

“The new David August Couture design,” wrote Irish designer David August Heil on Instagram on Wednesday. An accompanying selfie shows the famous “cover artist” wearing the curse-laden anti-COVID seam, which he describes as “beautifully” crafted, “perfectly” fitted and washable, with a removable filter.

The masks are inspired by the F-word suit McGregor wore prior to his boxing debut against Mayweather in 2017, which Heil made available to buy for a whopping $ 6,500 after the match, reports GQ.

And as with all McGregor merchandise, fans of the Irish fighter have been clamoring to have one on their hands.

“I would like to place an order,” wrote a fan of COVID’s conscious struggle at the ‘Gram.

“Save me 4, can you leave me at home?” He added another of the dirty-mouth facials, of which 20 more designs are in the works, according to Heil’s Gram publication.

Even McGregor himself chimed in, writing, “Hahaha I need to.” The mixed martial artist indicated in March that his aunt died of the coronavirus, although he has since claimed that it was a misunderstanding, Insider reports.

It’s unclear how much collectibles accessories will work, however, Heil offers a plethora of multi-colored masks on his website for just under $ 200 each. The inventive tailor states on the site that he will “help supply five (5) N95 masks to the worst affected hospitals and clinics” for each piece sold.

The mask expert is not the first to fight the coronavirus through a provocative face covering. Two weeks ago, an enterprising Utah mom made headlines for sewing penis-themed protective gear, whose sales raised a whopping $ 56,000 for charity.