Content marketing: get more leads with closed content


Closed content is a great way to increase your lead flow. In this video, learn what it is and how you can use it to GROW!

Content type ideas for closed content:

cheat sheets / checklists
guides / how to cough
technical documents / research / reports / data
tools / applications

Questions to ask before creating closed content:

Is the content valuable enough for someone to want to fill out a form to get it? If yes, please proceed.

Is the content something you can easily find elsewhere for free without filling out a form? If so, you must make your content / CTA different, so the only way to get what you are providing is to fill out your form.

Is the form quick and easy to complete? Fewer fields, better. Ideally, name, phone, email. More than that you could lose conversions. (the phone is good because most of our clients prefer to call only the leader instead of email)

Where will the CTAs go for this closed content? Blog Block CTA banner / form on blog articles in a certain category? Will MEs run STA® ads, maybe add CTA button to site header? etc. (tagged me on this: they should be excited about a new channel to generate leads and want to help promote it)

Process once you are ready to start …

Create closed content as a SEO optimized landing page (don’t block search engines or password protect, we want the best of both worlds here … closed content traffic + SEO traffic)

Once the page is ready / ready, create your landing page

The landing page should have some additional bullets in the Closed Content and a registration form like this or this

Set the form to lead to a thank you page with conversion tracking and a message saying “Thank you! Check your email for a link to [gated content]!

When the form is completed, an automatic response email should be sent to the user with the link to their Blocked Content. They will simply click on the link in the email to access the content, no password required.

Once everything is set up, it’s time to add the CTA block to your relevant blogs and anywhere else on the website that makes sense. Be sure to test the links / form / etc. to make sure everything works fine.

Once this is done, start using the CTA in your ads etc. Also, make sure your lead forms are routed to your CRM

Long-term goals –

Think of a good piece of closed content for each blog category.

Then create it and it’s the corresponding landing page / form.

Then add the relevant CTA block CTA to all the blogs you create for those specific Blog categories.

This will make the CTA much more relevant to the topic, and therefore convertible.

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Presented by: JB Kellogg

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