Content Marketing: How to Create a Strategy


Content marketing starts with knowing what emotion you want people to feel and what is the best way to reach them: Ammon Johns.
This will not be the usual talk of content marketing, like how many blog posts should you post and how long should they last. Ammon Johns, Lyndon Antcliff, and Jennifer Slegg on Emotions in Content Marketing: How You Should Use It.

0:02:10 What is content marketing? Is it just a new buzzword or does it speak to various methods used in marketing / human psychology / etc.?
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0:12:45 What is a good starting point for content marketing? Should you focus on the desired result?

0:18:08 How do we determine who our target is? What media (s) should you use?

0:21:00 What are some examples of reusing quality content?

0:29:41 Should you be targeting people or tribes with your content?

0:34:00 What makes content stand out from the crowd and be effective?

0:42:15 Unlike jumping on trending topics, what are some examples of perennial content? When is it more appropriate?

0:50:30 What are some of the pros and cons of content calendars?