Content marketing strategy: 14 tips for success


Improve your content strategy:
Video covered tips:

1- Identify your best platforms (blog, media, facebook, youtube, instagram, snapchat, email, text, etc.): where are your customers?

2- Build your ideal library (hashtags, quotes, reviews, photos, infographics / statistics, video ideas, tips, etc.)

3- Create your cadence (what to publish when on what platforms, keep the variety). Post 1-3 times a day. When you get up, when you have lunch, when you go to bed. Besides that….

4- Document as you go

5- Create your weekly publication calendar template. Then use that template to write and design publications every day or week in advance. If you use the ideas library, this process is quite fast. Remember, you must also document and publish in real time as you go.

6- Use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule your publications in advance, also integrated reporting and participation tools to save time

7- Make sure you spend time on the commitment, don't just publish content, actually be social, like, comment, follow and interact with the community.

8- Add value! Content worth sharing + design worth sharing + commitment = success.

9- Track your results, make adjustments

10- Find some role models in social networks that you can follow and use what they are doing to inspire their own ideas

11- Stay relevant

12- Mark your platforms, include calls to action and information so that people can take the following steps

13- Market your content, increase publications, run as campaigns, configure redirection, etc.

14- Do not stop. If you can't do it, hire someone

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Submitted by: JB Kellogg

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