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Do you want an overview of the content marketing strategy and web presence management? Look at the infographic:

Research shows that 9/10 marketers have a content marketing strategy, but only 30% are effective. So why does a content marketing strategy fail? In a nutshell: the content focuses too much on the brand and not on the weak points and daily realities of its customers.

In this presentation of the marketing conference, Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, talks about how to turn a brand-centered content marketing strategy into one that is a powerful acquisition channel that produces a real ROI.

Marketing specialists are familiar with the definition of a content marketing strategy: create valuable, relevant and convincing content consistently so that a target audience sees profitable action. But what we want to do as content marketing specialists is a bit different: it's about creating audiences that know us, love us and trust us over time. In other words, sellers need to change the way they communicate with their customers through the content they create, ultimately creating better customers for their brands.

In this presentation on content strategy in 2015, Joe Pulizzi covers six practical steps of content marketing strategy that apply whether you are in small business marketing or in a business marketing team.

1) Find your ideal point: choose your niche and focus on the conversation you want to have. (Go to 09:01)
2) Discover the inclination of your content: take that niche and set your unique angle ("inclination") that helps you reduce clutter and differentiate it from your content marketing competitors. (Go to 13:01)
3) Build the base: combine the type of content + platform + consistent delivery + time to create your content base. (Go at 23:15)
4) Leverage your audience: create your own subscribers so you have control over your content marketing audience base. (Go to 28:45)
5) Diversify: try to involve your audience in at least 3 different content contact points (Go to 37:37)
6) Monetize: use your data to understand the difference between those who convert and those who do not. (Go to 43:16)
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