Content Marketing Trends and Strategy | C3 Conference 2017 | Jason Miller


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Innovation in content marketing begins with reality check
Jason Miller, LinkedIn

Marketing specialists have been operating under a false pretense regarding their audience’s ability to focus for more than 8 seconds. LinkedIn’s Jason Miller calls this misguided content marketing trend the Goldfish Myth. On this keynote, you will debunk the myth and reveal how changes in society’s ability to multitask are transforming the way companies must approach content marketing trends and strategy. It’s time to start thinking brains-wise about the budget, doing more with less, thinking extravagantly and creatively to duplicate what’s working.

We’ll cover recycling your favorite content to mine every ounce of your existing investments and innovate around technology you already know how to use. From long-form content to video and everything in between, Jason will show you how to build your own media empire.

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