Coronavirus deaths in China at 304, Wuhan Indians evacuated under observation


New Delhi: While the Indian government is trying to evacuate its citizens from Coronavirus-infected China, the outbreak death toll has exceeded 300. Authorities in Hubei Province reported 45 new deaths on Sunday.

The Indian government said in a statement that a total of 326 flights with 52,332 people were screened on Saturday (February 1). Isolation facilities were referred from these 97 symptomatic travelers. So far, only a positive case has been found in Kerala, and the patient is in a stable state and is being observed. Up to 324 Indians returned from Wuhan on Saturday and are being monitored effectively. Of these, 104 are in ITBP Chawla Camp and 220 in Manesar. A second flight from Wuhan with 323 Indians on board has started to Delhi.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared the outbreak of coronavirus a global health crisis, after which several countries accelerated the process of evacuating their citizens from China.

According to a New York Times report, Thailand reported 14 cases of infection by Thursday; Hong Kong 10; the US, Taiwan, Australia and Macau each have five; Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia each reported four; Japan has 11; France has five; Germany has four; Canada has three; Vietnam has two; and Nepal, Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates each have one.

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In some cases reported from Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam and Japan, the affected patients were not in China. No deaths were reported outside of China.

On Saturday, the United States reported eight cases of coronavirus, with positive cases from Australia, France, the United States and seven Asian countries.

The outbreak has also affected the international sports calendar. The Lingshui China Masters badminton tournament, which is part of the qualification for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, has been postponed. The organizers called after some players had withdrawn. The tournament was scheduled to take place in Hainan from February 25th to March 1st.

It is believed that the virus originated in Wuhan in December and has since spread to various cities around the world. The confirmed cases of coronavirus in China have now risen to over 14,000. Health authorities around the world are taking steps to prevent an epidemic while the virus continues to spread.