Coronavirus in Bollywood: Kanika Kapoor Removes Her COVID-19 Post from Instagram


While the world has been hit by a global health crisis – the coronavirus outbreak – that has taken countries across the globe by storm, there are some who are still not holding back from spreading hate and criticism. Singer Kanika Kapoor was recently tested positive for COVID-19. When the news broke out on social media, the Baby Doll singer was slammed for an apparent lack of precaution after returning from the United Kingdom. According to several news outlets, she did not put herself in quarantine upon her return and was allegedly still attending events in India until last week. The starlet has now deleted the Instagram post.

She had confessed about being diagnosed with the new coronavirus in a public post on the photo-sharing platform. In her original post, Kanika had written, “My family and I are in complete quarantine now and following medical advice on how to move forward. Contact mapping of people I have been in touch with is underway as well.” Kanika’s apparently building in Lucknow was put into quarantine while authorities tracked down anyone and everyone who had come into contact with her.

Kanika was also accused of hiding in the bathroom and escaping from the compulsory temperature check at the Indian airport. She however denied the allegations, stating, “There are these silly rumours that I hid in the washroom to skip screening. Tell me, how is it possible for a person to skip screening at immigration while coming on an international flight? I was properly screened at the Mumbai airport and I stayed in the city for a day. But since everything was closed and no work was happening, my parents suggested I come home. So I reached Lucknow on March 11 by the morning flight. And one can check, at that time there was no advisory issued by the government on anyone travelling from abroad to be under self-quarantine. So how can one expect me to do it, especially when I had been screened and had no health issues till I left Mumbai? In fact, I developed the symptoms only four days ago.”

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