Coronavirus: Sonam Kapoor Asks 'I've donated, have you?' To Her Fans On Twitter


Like every other public figure, one of Indian cinema’s leading ladies Sonam Kapoor also carries the responsibility of spreading awareness amongst her fans with regard to the rampant COVID-19 outbreak across the globe. A patriotic Sonam urged all well-to-do Indians to donate and give charity in whatever way possible to the daily wage earners in Bollywood. She has been expressing her concern through various public service messages on Twitter while also requesting her followers to practice social distancing and self-isolation to help contain the infection. A 21-day lockdown has been enforced in India after the nation witnessed a drastic increase in coronavirus cases this month.

She recently responded to the initiative taken by The Art of Living and The Indian Film and Television Industry. Sonam reposted a flyer which read, “In this crucial time of the Corona Pandemic let us stand with our Daily Wage earners who are the worst affected.” She uploaded an image of the leaflet and wrote, “I’ve donated… have you?”

Earlier, Sonam shared a post regarding the animals who are suffering the impacts of human ignorance and insensitivity despite not being directly affected by COVID-19. She shared a circular and tweet by the Congress leader Maneka Gandhi regarding the grave issue. According to the circular, “Stray dogs, cows, and birds can neither get nor give Coronavirus to humans. However in the event of a lockdown, if they are not fed many will die creating another kind of problem. I have asked all animal welfare workers to feed the animals during this period. I will be doing the same.” Sonam recently returned from London to her home country and has been in quarantine with husband Anand Ahuja. She has been keeping her fans up to date with what she has been doing during her free time at home.

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