Couchbase starts a fully managed database service

<pre><pre>Couchbase starts a fully managed database service

Couchbase, the popular NoSQL database, today announced the launch of Couchbase Cloud, a fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering for businesses. As soon as the service becomes generally available later this summer, users can launch it on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Support for Google Cloud will come later this year. The company claims it is the first “SQL-on-NoSQL-DBaaS that supports multiple cloud providers”.

But what is probably more important for its customers is this couch base With the cloud, they can maintain complete control over their data in their own virtual private cloud. Couchbase promises that deploying the service will take just a few clicks and the company, as you would expect from a fully managed service, will manage and update the database service.

The underlying infrastructure stack uses open source technologies such as Kubernetes and Prometheus and Grafana, but as a fully managed service, users don't have to worry too much. In fact, Couchbase emphasizes how its service decouples the underlying infrastructure from its database solution. That includes pricing. Couchbase does not charge its users for the infrastructure they use. Instead, they continue to pay their cloud provider as usual. This also means that they can take advantage of cost savings through reserved instances and other discounts that the various cloud providers make available to their customers. The Couchbase cloud service itself offers several pricing options, including hourly and quantity based pricing.

Traditionally, Couchbase has focused on servers and mobile offerings. However, adding a fully managed service to this series makes a lot of sense, as not every company has the expertise to manage its database servers itself.