Country O & # 039; Lakes removes Indian “butter girls” from the packaging


Lands O’Lakes celebrates its 100th anniversary with a new look. Namely, it throws the Indian girl off the butter crate that holds its characteristic product.

Land O’Lakes Butter has been packaged in packaging with the “Butterjungfrau” logo since 1928. The Indian woman pictured had a feather in her hair and was kneeling and holding a container of butter in her hands.

The logo has long been criticized as racist and stereotypical. North Dakota MP Ruth Buffalo told the Grand Forks Tribune that the picture goes “hand in hand with human and sex trafficking with our women and girls.”

According to reports, a registered member of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, Buffalo said, “It is a good thing for the company to remove the image,” but that the nation must “continue to move forward to address the underlying issues.” impact directly on the entire population that survived the genocide. “

New packaging.

Land O’Lakes Inc.

But the diary collective in February revised the design. The new packaging shows an image of evergreen trees lining a body of water. The back of the package shows pictures of farmers. Land O’Lakes did not address the controversy surrounding the change.

The illustrated figure, called “Butterjungfrau” and called Mia, first appeared on Land O’Lakes packaging seven years after the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1921. Arthur Hanson, the first illustrator for The St. Paul advertising company Brown & Bigelow, developed the original design, which is reminiscent of rural Minnesota with a blue lake, green pines and the image of a woman in a suede dress, according to Pioneer Press.

An old country O’Lakes Sweet Cream Butter logo

History study program of the University of Villanova

The packaging has been redesigned several times over the decades. In the 1950s, Patrick DesJarlait, an Ojibwe artist from Minnesota, was commissioned to revise the illustration. This emerges from a student-led blog from the History Department of Villanova University.

More recently, the packaging of Land O’Lakes emphasized the look from head to shoulders of the girl, who was obviously no longer kneeling.

Land O’Lakes is a member owned cooperative based in Arden Hills, Minnesota. In 2018, annual sales of $ 15 billion were reported.