Creative Tech returns from CES with 6 awards in pocket, company &

<pre><pre>Creative Tech returns from CES with 6 awards in pocket, company &

Sun, January 12, 2020 – 4:48 p.m.

CREATIVE Technology has received six awards from various technical review websites after unveiling new additions to its Super X-Fi product suite at the annual CES Consumer Technology Fair in Las Vegas last week.

The SXFI Carrier, a home theater soundbar developed in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories, was on display for the first time. It is also the first soundbar to feature Creative's Super X-Fi headphone technology, which allows listeners to enjoy personalized audio through the headphone output.

Product Review Pages The AVS Forum and New Gizmo Blog have put SXFI Carrier on their list of preferred devices on the show.

Creative boss Sim Wong Hoo told The business hours (BT): "(We saw) a lot of interest from TV people. This was a pretty big project, in some ways harder than Sonic Carrier, but it is based on the successful development of Sonic Carrier."

Mr. Sim described the SXFI Carrier as the "little brother" of the high-end Sonic Carrier from Creative.

"The SXFI Carrier has the same sound quality as the Sonic Carrier, but is only half the size and a fraction of the price.

"We have cut costs so much that it is much easier to sell," he said, adding, "China is crazy about buying big screens in huge quantities. Every big screen needs that, and the price is right … Last time a Sonic Carrier was many times more expensive than a big TV, so it was a bit out of balance. Now the sound is right, the price is right. "

Creative opened an office in Shenzhen late last year and plans to sell its Super X-Fi products in China via the online channel, but Mr. Sim is keeping an eye on the details for now.

"We are planning to start very soon … We still have to find out how to do it in a Chinese way," he said.

Creative returned from CES last year with a record 15 Best of CES awards from various reviewers when it first launched its Super X-Fi headphone technology.

At the time, Creative was talking about partnering with original manufacturers to bring Super X-Fi to the market.

Mr. Sim said to BT on Thursday: "We have a lot of follow-ups, but the partnerships are slow … The headphone guys are not active and we feel that they are more concerned than excited. They know that we are very good are, but we're a disruptor to their business, so we've decided not to focus on them. We'll just make our own headphones until they feel really threatened. In the meantime, we'll talk to other partners. "

Last year, Creative engineers also worked to improve Super X-Fi's audio profile features. The result is a software update called Super X-Fi Gen2 that is shared with all users.

Lee Teck Chee, vice president of technology for Creative, said: "The whole purpose of Gen 2 was to fix some of the problems we saw in Gen 1.

"For example, some users have complained that Gen 1 can sometimes sound hollow."

He said, "The net effect (from Gen 2) is that you get more precise positioning, clearer sound, and can work across a wider range of content."

Creative is also currently working on a Super X-Fi game profile to satisfy those who play first-person shooter games. Once this is done, the game profile will be shared with all users in Super X-Fi Gen3.

Mr. Lee said, "For playing you want to overdo things. You can supposedly say that this ball came from here and this ball came from there while we were trying to replicate real life. In real life when the ball flies you don't know where it comes from

"So we have received feedback from some young people and (and we will) give you a new game profile that is very good for gaming. It has been proven that we have received an award from Overclock (US tech site). We're going to do Gen 3 for music and movies. "

Creative shares closed at $ 3.36 last Friday, down two cents or 0.59 percent in Singapore.