Custom Automation and Screwing Machine Design

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Special customization

The Process for Customizing screwing machine

Customized process (Here we just briefly describe the services provided, including pre-sale, in-sale, after-sales): Customize the entire screwing machine based on the customer's product.

(1) Make initial contact with the customer to confirm the customer's demands and get the actual samples.

(2) The project R&D department set up a special team to conduct a preliminary analysis of the internal structure of the product and issue a preliminary production line solution.

(3) The engineer participates in the customer program discussion. The customer can ask questions about the details of the solution. The project team will give a professional answer. If the customer want to modify any parts of the solution based on their own opinions or demands, our engineer should evaluate the feasibleness at first. Then continue to discuss the solution to reach a consensus.

(4) Confirming the final solution after all the details discussion.

(5) After confirmed the solution, both parties enter the signing phase of the commercial contract. After the contract is signed, the customer needs to arrange the advance payment accordingly.

(6) The supplier will organize a special team to issue the drawings to the production department and begin to enter the production stage.

(7) After the completion of the assembly of the complete line, the production will enter the trial operation phase and then finish the debugging process.

(8) After the trial operation is passed, the QC will confirm that the whole screwing machine can be shipped. Meanwhile we will inform the customer to arrange the payment accordingly.

(9) After received the payment based on the payment terms of the contract, the supplier will arrange the delivery.

(10) After the machine arrives at the customer’s factory, the supplier will send their engineer to provide the after-sales service, include the installation and debugging.

(11) After finished the debugging process, the machine will enter into the production phase. The supplier will provide the technical support all the time. And the customer should arrange the balance payment according to the contract payment terms.

 The scope of products:

Non-standard customized screwing machine is mainly designed and produced according to customer's product and requirements. During the solution design, the supplier should consider increasing the application range of the screwing machine, to make the screwing machine can used to produce other similar products, to increase the versatility of the screwing machine.

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