Custom Video Marketing: how to achieve personalization in emails with video


Custom Video Marketing is the next step in the evolutionary chain of Marketing, and is the key to a successful email marketing campaign.

Personalized video marketing is intended to capture the attention of users. It makes the viewer value the content of their video more because it was created for them. It is human psychology to invest time in information that was selected by hand only for us. And when done correctly, it is all the information we want and need.

Create custom videos for 6 times better transaction rates, 42% higher conversion rates, increase purchase intention by 80% and see a direct increase in sales by 20%.

Custom videos have 7 use cases:
1. Cart abandon emails
2. Email marketing
3. Scope of sales
4. Video newsletters
5. Product promotion
6. Sales, offers and discounts.
7. Incorporation of Saas tools

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