Cyber ​​Resilience Technology Analyst – Charlotte Agenda

<pre><pre>Cyber ​​Resilience Technology Analyst - Charlotte Agenda

The Cyber ​​Resilience (CR) Organization for Global Information Security (GIS) is a newly established function that aims to improve the reliability and recoverability of corporate and security services. This team will focus on three main areas: 1) The Bank of American Enterprise of Business Services, which works closely with the Enterprise Resilience team to illustrate cyber threats and their potential effects, and cyber-centered thinking in the design of processes and systems and technology solutions, 2) the GIS portfolio of business and protection services to understand current services and their needs and ability to maintain high resistance, and 3) the financial industry, third parties and critical utilities to drive improvements general resilience of the industry and our partners.

The cyber resilience technology analyst works in each of these three domains to understand technology usage and designs, to look for methods to improve design resilience, reduce impact, and improve recoverability through creative technology solutions.

This person is considered a critical partner and subject matter expert throughout the company. You will work with our Chief Technology Organization (CTO) and GIS Cyber ​​Security Technology (CST) teams to understand technology delivery, the level of resilience supported and the level required, and then create technology plans to improve our resilience advance.

This person has a thorough understanding of general technology solutions and extensive knowledge of cybersecurity technologies, controls and solutions.

• Partnerships between technology, CIO, GIS, and industry teams to improve operational resilience to cyber-related effects
• Prepares an analysis of technology solutions to determine how designs and procedures can be improved to improve both the ability to absorb cyber shocks and the ability to recover faster when shocks occur
Supports the development of cyber attack scenarios used to test resilience and recovery within business services
• Participates in incident reviews and risk analyzes to further influence how our resilience strategy must adapt to emerging or systemic risks.
• Analyzes applications, processes and services to determine the concentration risk based on the technology distribution.
• Partnership with colleagues to promote key concepts for resilience and ensure alignment with corporate goals.
• Develop threat models for securing critical CTO infrastructures, GIS services and controls.

Key relationships:
• Report the GIS Cyber ​​CR Technology Lead report
• Works closely with colleagues: CR technology architect, CR technology engineer,
• Works closely with CTO and CIO technology teams

• Creation of technology plans to improve cyber resilience
• Helps prepare cyber attack scenarios to support tests and exercises
• Develop threat models and prepare analytics to improve core CTO core infrastructure, GIS services and controls
• Works with vendors to drive new product development to meet internet resilience requirements
• Work with technology leaders and teams across the enterprise to improve our cyber resilience capabilities

Knowledge, skills and important leadership features:
• Comprehensive technology expertise in the areas of infrastructure, applications and security
• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work across teams to promote shared thinking and action
• Establish close relationships with colleagues, customers, providers and the industry
• Ability to deliver measurable results
• Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or equivalent experience
• Bachelor's degree in computer science, business administration, related sciences or comparable experience
• Ensures alignment with the strategic direction
• Influences with effects