Cyclist triggers Firestorm with a rough comment on the reporter's outfit

<pre><pre>Cyclist triggers Firestorm with a rough comment on the reporter's outfit

Belgian journalist and former professional cyclist Sven Spoormakers posted a screen grave on Twitter that caused outrage on social media after he made a rough comment referring to a young reporter who reported on the Vuelta a San Juan.

Spoormakers referred to the reporter's low cut top after taking a screenshot of her interview with one of the drivers for television and asking her in Dutch, "Is it cool in Argentina?"

And it led to numerous fans and experts condemning him for sexually objectifying the young reporter.

The Australian journalist Sophie Smith challenged Spoormakers to his comment and wrote: "Seriously? Please tell me that this has been lost in the translation and that you have not just publicly objectified a young reporter.

"From experience, I can say that she does the exact same job as you, but because of bulls that are not, she has to work and have to endure twice as much."

Spoormakers then replied, "Are you really objectifying? Come on. Do not drag the feminist card onto this. She knows exactly what she is wearing – or not wearing – and why.

"If I were to interview an athlete with my balls, you would be joking about it. Or call it a shame."

Smith then struck back in disbelief, "So it's her fault because you can't stop looking at her breasts? What is she going to do, carry a potato sack so you don't get excited? If I take a photo of you at work, post it and comment on how small your shirt looks in shorts. Would you agree? "

British reporter Ned Boulting interfered to give his support. He quoted one of Smith's tweets and wrote: “My colleagues always have to defend themselves against institutional disregard. I take your voice, Sophie, and I add mine. "

The Spoormakers' tweets were also picked up by frustrated fans, with a lettering, "Mate, she's wearing a top. That's it. What's the problem? Jesus Christ, you're a dinosaur."