Daily Crunch: Amazon announces new auto partners

<pre><pre>Daily Crunch: Amazon announces new auto partners

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1. Amazon is driving deeper into cars with new Alexa partners, the Echo Auto Extension

Amazon A partnership with Lamborghini and Rivian has just been announced, the new car-specific expertise for the Alexa voice assistant, a market expansion for the Echo Auto device and the plan to integrate the latest Fire TV edition into future BMW and Fiat Chrysler vehicles.

This is part of a larger venture into the automotive industry for Amazon that previously made a direct investment in EV startup Rivian. In addition, General Motors has announced that it will include Amazon Alexa in the infotainment systems of its Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles in the first half of 2020.

2. A look back at 10 years of CES

CES is all about "the future" and we will be here this week covering all the great stories and topics. But what about the past? In the spirit of looking back at 2020 (sorry), here are some of the most remarkable headlines and trends of the past 10 years.

3. HTC had a terrible year in 2019

HTC had sales of TWD 10,015 million (USD 333 million) in 2019. This is a decrease of 57.8% from TWD 23,741 million (USD 789 million) in 2018 and a decrease of 87% from more than USD 2 billion in 2017.

4. Roku TV adds 15 additional brand partners as well as a new program "Roku TV Ready"

The new program enables consumer electronics companies to identify themselves as “Roku TV Ready” so that consumers know that the products have been tested and certified to work with Roku TV. This means that the devices are easy to set up and the sound settings and volume control can be accessed with a remote control on the screen.

5. BigID collects another $ 50 million as privacy laws tighten

It's only been four months since BigID announced a $ 50 million Series C. Investors seem to be excited about BigID's mission to understand and manage a company's data in the context of increasing data protection regulations.

6. CrowdStrikes CEO is informed about IPOs, direct listings and the next steps for SaaS startups

A few days before Christmas, TechCrunch spoke to George Kurtz, CEO of CrowdStrike, about his company's public offering, direct listings, and his expectations for the IPO market in 2020. (Extra Crunch membership required.)

7. This week's TechCrunch podcasts

The Equity team discussed the big controversy from the end of 2019 and started a new, shorter podcast called Equity Montag. And at Original Content we got the five best streaming shows and films from last year.