Daily Crunch: HQ Trivia is dead

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1. HQ Trivia will shut down after the acquisition has failed

HQ Trivia is dead. On Valentine's Day, the company fired its team of 25. The company had a deal in the works to be acquired, but the buyer withdrew and investors are no longer willing to fund him and co-founder Rus Yusupov, according to a statement from the CEO.

At least the game ended with a Bonkers final, in which the hosts swore, sprayed champagne, threatened to empty the trolls' houses in the chat window, and begged for new jobs.

2. Live with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Brian Heater says he enjoyed his (admittedly short) time with the Galaxy Z Flip. In many ways, it's exactly what the original Samsung foldable device should have been.

3. Google is ending its free Wi-Fi station program

Google exits Google Station, a program that has worked with partners to provide free WiFi to more than 400 train stations in India and "thousands" of other public places in several other regions of the world.

4. Facebook is pushing the EU to water down and blurry rules for Internet content

"I think there should be regulations for harmful content," said CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a question and answer session at the Munich Security Conference. He then suggested that Facebook should be "somewhere between" media and telecommunications regulation.

5. Is tech socialism really on the rise?

In the second part of our interview with the writer / ethicist Ben Tarnoff, he goes into detail about the relationship between socialism and technology. (Additional crunch membership required.)

6. Oyo's revenues increased in fiscal 19, but losses also increased

Startup Oyo reported a loss of $ 335 million on Monday with worldwide sales of $ 951 million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, and promised to cut spending as the company is headquartered in India being cautious given its aggressive expansion. (Yes, it seems a bit late to talk about 2018-19 revenue, but that's how Indian finance law works.)

7. This week's TechCrunch podcasts

The latest full episode of Equity discusses a large round of funding for the Headspace meditation app, while the Monday news summary addresses global growth concerns related to corona virus. And at Original Content we have a look back at "Mythic Quest", the video game comedy on Apple TV +.