Dak Prescott gets a fiery over $ 40 million question about the future of cowboys

<pre><pre>Dak Prescott gets a fiery over $ 40 million question about the future of cowboys

Similar to the rest of the Cowboys Nation, quarterback Dak Prescott wants to know when Jerry Jones will show him the money.

"I wonder the same thing, you know as much as I do," Prescott said during a recent meeting with Yahoo Sports, "Dear when this day comes, but I trust my agency – my agents, my team – I trust the cowboys that something will be done."

In September, Prescott reportedly declined a $ 30 million annual offer. When asked if he was a $ 40 million quarterback, Prescott bluntly said, "Tell me."

"If it is my request to write it [a check]Yes No idea. I mean, let's face it, right, ”said Prescott. "As I said, I trust my agents, I trust the cowboys, something will happen. I will not sit here and write a number on it. Something will happen. "

Prescott ended his fourth year in Dallas with 30 touchdowns and 11 interceptions for 4,902 yards. The cowboys failed to make the playoffs, which led to the dismissal of longtime head coach Jason Garrett.

If Prescott and the Cowboys fail to reach a long-term agreement, the franchise day looks "inevitable," as ESPN reported earlier this month.

If both parties reach an agreement and Prescott signs a $ 40 million a year contract, he will make Russell Wilson the highest-paid quarterback in the league. Dallas made Ezekiel Elliott the highest paid running back of the past year with a $ 90 million extension.