Daniel Jones continues Eli Manning's tradition with Duke Workout

<pre><pre>Daniel Jones continues Eli Manning's tradition with Duke Workout

Daniel Jones said in Miami last week that he plans to continue one of Eli Manning's traditions: gathering giant receivers for some off-season throwing and route sessions. Given that Manning often held these sessions with Duke, it made sense that Jones did the same, since he actually played with Duke.

"We'll find out, see what everyone thinks, and try to do the best for everyone," said Jones.

As it turned out, Jones acted quickly. On Tuesday, he was at his alma mater, leading a group of his destinations, which included Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton. Jones wants to continue his promising year as a beginner.

Manning found these training sessions beneficial and Duke was a logical point for him since his college coach David Cutcliffe is the head coach of the school in Durham. NC Cutcliffe recently told SiriusXM NFL Radio that he plans to do some basic work for Jones. This may include drills to improve ball safety for a quarterback in his pocket. Jones fingered 18 times as a rookie with an NFL high and lost 11 of them.

What Jones and his teammates can't do is help jump-start the new attacking coordinator Jason Garrett's playbook. This is not allowed at this time of the low season.

"I'm just going to work on things I need to improve," said Jones last week. "It is difficult to really install the offense and learn the offense and the rules. I can concentrate on things that I have to work on, things that I have to improve on last year and somehow from there. I'm looking forward to it. & # 39; & # 39;