Darrelle Revis chose the wrong time to start a Twitter war with Richard Sherman


Former Jets star Darrelle Revis sparked a Twitter war on Sunday when the retired cornerback began chirping about Richard Sherman's performance during the NFC conference game between the 49ers and Packers.

"Fear of being hit in man-to-man reporting" Revis tweeted with a still image of Sherman against Packers recipient Davante Adams. "Every snapshot every piece. The fact that he is not a cornerback is lame. Except [sic] the challenge as best and Adams ends the entire game. Do it for the soccer game. Stop hiding a coverage zone 3. "

The timing of Revis was unfortunate. Shortly after the tweet was sent out, Sherman interrupted a desperate pass from Aaron Rodgers on the 4-yard line. The 49ers led the game with 37-20 and 1:48 and suppressed the Packers' comeback in the second half.

Revis praised the efforts of the 49ers and said they had "the best defense in the game" but he doubled to his original criticism by Sherman.

"All in all, I think I'm casting shadows. I'm not. Just to say the man is not a pound for a pound man for man," said Revis. "If you know the football game, he plays in a cover 3 scheme He does not travel, but a recipient is not on the road for every DB. There are only a few who are on the corner list. "

"They take things too seriously here … …" Revis continued,

Super Bowl 2020 Richard Sherman Darrelle Revis
Richard Sherman intercepts Aaron Rodgers in the fourth quarter on Sunday.Getty Images

In the middle of the team celebrating its berth in Super Bowl 2020, the first since 2013, is Sherman replied that he had better things to do than engaging with Revis on social media.

"I would take care of it, but I have to prepare for a Super Bowl. Enjoy the view from the couch. Your ninth year was very different. Lmao, ”Sherman wrote.

He also took the opportunity to do so Try out the Revis grammar,

"And it's" accept. "I thought I would teach you a lesson while I'm here," Sherman said.

Revis, now on the defensive, tweeted“In my ninth year, I led the entire league in sales. 5 ints and 4 fumble recoveries. Enjoy the Super Bowl and buckle up because you have to cover this game. @ RSherman_25 😂😂😂 ”

Sherman responded by highlighting Revis' lack of playoff appearances: "I have to cover every child in the game. I have football in the hands of the playoffs that you will never know about, ”said Sherman.

Revis won a Super Bowl against Sherman's Seahawks with the Patriots in 2014 and was a key piece of the Jets teams that qualified for the 2010 AFC championship game.

"Correction puppy. Think you need to check the statistics. You're on the ball in the off-season. Take nothing from your game. In a corner, we play best to challenge the # 1 receiver, every four quarters. I'm waiting for you to do the same. @ RSherman_25, ” answered Revis,

The last correspondence between the two was a Sherman quote tweet from Revis’s previous comment:

"Pound for pound … lmao, this child has a selective memory."

According to Mike Clay from ESPN, Sherman lined up on more than 97 percent of the passports on the left this year. He was on the right in three games this season, all against the Packers to cover Adams and Aaron Jones.

The man versus zone issue is clearly a sore point for Sherman. The social media fight takes place a week after a passionate press conference after the team's 27:10 victory over the Vikings in the NFC division round.

"I'm tired of hearing," Oh man, he's a zone corner, "Sherman said." I'm tired of hearing excuses for why I'm great. It was male reporting – I covered the man, I took the ball off. I appear in the playoffs, in big games. I show up year after year, whether in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 – if I don't tear my Achilles tendon, I do my job at a high level and I'm fed up with apologizing for why I'm good. "

Sherman also quoted and tweeted Revis & # 39; former teammate Antonio Cromartie after last week's game when he did praised Sherman's "textbook press technology" against the Viking recipient Adam Thielen.

"But hey, I'm a & # 39; zone & # 39; corner, lmao. Enjoy your brother." Sherman tweeted,

The 31-year-old Sherman spent seven seasons with the Seahawks before signing a three-year, $ 27 million contract with the 49ers in 2018. In 2014, Seattle made Sherman $ 56 million for four years the highest paid cornerback in the league's history with a $ 40 million guaranteed contract. He is a five-time pro bowler and was a member of Seattle's Legion of Boom, which defeated the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl XLVII.

The nickname "Revis Island", which Revis received, referred to its ability to knock out the number one receiver of an opposing team. However, his last seasons were a whisper of his previous supremacy.

The 49ers will meet the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl 2020, which takes place on February 2nd in Miami.