Date Mark: Single Hire billboard for 40,000 rupees in Manchester to find love

dating characters

No dates found? Are you struggling to maintain a relationship? You can also advertise your charms on a billboard for a change. This is what a Sheffield man did to find "The One".

Mark Rofe paid £ 425 (Rs 40,000) for a giant billboard in central Manchester, UK, to promote himself as a legitimate single.

The 30-year-old has also created a website called "Dating Mark", on which his personal data and the possibility for everyone to request an appointment are entered.

According to his website, 1,004 have already applied. The site's slogan is: "A man, a billboard, a mission".

dating characters

In the "Facts and Statistics" section of his website, in addition to his size and shoe size, he states that he has two friends and kissed more than three girls.

Disappointed with the experience on dating sites like Tinder, Rofe has created his bespoke personal dating site.

The new idea was very well received. Speak with BBCRofe, who works in marketing, said he was surprised at the number of people who contacted and planned to respond to everyone.

He added that some people might think he was crazy paying £ 425 for such an act, but when he finally finds love, it will turn out to be "pretty cheap".

He also went to Twitter to post a video pretending to be a poster version.

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