Datree announces $ 8M Series A as a member of Y Combinator

<pre><pre>Datree announces $ 8M Series A as a member of Y Combinator

Datree, the young startup that builds a DevOps Policy Engine on GitHub, today announced a Series A worth $ 8 million. She also announced that she joined the Y Combinator Winter 20 cohort.

Blumberg and TLV Partners led the round with the participation of Y Combinator , With the $ 3 million launch round announced in 2018, the company has now raised $ 11 million.

According to Shimon Tolts, co-founder and CEO of the company, the company learned that scanning code for problems was useful for the DevOps teams, but they needed help defining the rules. So Datree has created a set of rule packs that you can run against the code to find gaps or problems.

“We offer best practices for development, coding standards, and security and compliance guidelines. When you connect to Datree today, we will connect to your source code and scan the entire code base. We recommend developing best practices based on your technology stack, ”said Tolts.

He says they create these rule packs based on the company's own expertise, get help from the community, and in some cases work with experts. For example, it has teamed up with Aqua Security for its Docker security package.

The focus remains on applying these rules in GitHub, where developers work. Before committing the code, you can run the appropriate rule packs to ensure that they follow best practices.

Datree rules packages. Screenshot: Datree

Tolts says they watched Y Combinator after the launch round because they wanted more guidance on how to build the business. "We knew that Y Combinator could really help us because our product is relevant to 95% of all YC companies. The program helped us close six-figure deals with more mature YC companies," he said.

Datree is working directly with Y Combinator's CEO, Michael Seibel, and says that participating in the Winter 20 cohort helped him refine his launch process. He admits that he's not a typical YC company that has had an existing product and 12 employees since 2017, but he believes that this will help drive the company in the long run.