David Fizdale reveals one of his biggest Knicks mistakes

<pre><pre>David Fizdale reveals one of his biggest Knicks mistakes

One of David Fizdale's greatest regrets as head coach at Knicks was that he didn't "crack his whip" enough for his young players.

Fizdale admitted this on Monday during an interview with NBA Sirius XM Radio, two months after he was fired by the Knicks for a season over a 21-83 record.

"I probably had to crack the whip a little more and get the young people to win more." said Fizdale, whose termination agreement with the Knicks prohibits him from discussing his entire experience with the team.

Fizdale was criticized in his first season when he let Kevin Knox off hook due to rookie mistakes. This season, he struggled with the struggling Knox by restricting the minutes of his previous ninth overall win and showing him "hard love," as Fizdale put it days before his 4:18 win with the team.

Knox has been led by interim head coach Mike Miller, who oversaw the Knicks – consisting of veterans for short-term business and two promising young players in RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson – with 13:19 promoted by Fizdale Assistant.

While it's unclear whether the Knicks will stay with Miller next season, Fizdale is already preparing for his next coaching opportunity.

"I always have to be myself," said 47-year-old Fizdale, who was trained under basketball legend Pat Riley. "I cannot be [Gregg Popovich], I can not be [Erik Spoelstra], I can't be Brad [Stevens], I just have to be myself, feel comfortable in this area.

Fizdale, who is currently an NBA analyst for ESPN, was also released by the Grizzlies in 2017 after a secret argument with star player Marc Gasol.