David Ortiz knows how Red Sox's Mookie Betts ordeal ends

<pre><pre>David Ortiz knows how Red Sox's Mookie Betts ordeal ends

It looks more and more like Mookie Betts won't wear a Red Sox shirt on opening day. Former teammate David Ortiz sees it no differently.

"Here's the thing," Ortiz told NBC Boston. “My boy Mookie is at the stage of his career where he has to get what he deserves. The Red Sox, we have very high pay and I don't think our owner wants to go beyond that.

"I'm changing it. I will get young talent [and] You will get what you want with Mookie. Unfortunately, that's the baseball business. "

It is estimated that $ 228 million in Boston in 2020. Moving betts in exchange for potential customers would bring the franchise below the luxury tax threshold of $ 204 million and reset the tax rate for the next year that it passes.

Ortiz was confident that the Red Sox front office would not be ready to accept the $ 400 million contract expected by Betts.

However, according to Ortiz, Betts is the most exciting player in the league to be seen and someone the Red Sox ideally doesn't want to lose. However, Betts was always clear about how he viewed his free agency and reportedly declined a $ 300 million extension from Boston last year.

Betts, whom Ortiz referred to as his "little brother", seems to be of great interest to the Dodgers and Padres. The Boston Globe described it as a "two-team race" for the four-time All-Star, the four-time Gold Glover and the three-time Silver Slugger.

"I could talk to you about Mookie forever," said Ortiz. “But the reality is that this will be his last year on business [under contract], "