David Robertson's painful Yankees memory triggers Astro's tirade: "It's a shame"

<pre><pre>David Robertson's painful Yankees memory triggers Astro's tirade: "It's a shame"

Ex-Yankees helper David Robertson joined a long list of jugs that complained that they were personally victims of the Astros sign-stealing operation in 2017.

"It's a shame what they did and they'll have to live with it, and everyone knows it," Robertson, who started his second season with the Phillies, told reporters in Clearwater, Florida on Wednesday.

Robertson, who was in his second Yankees stint in 2017, only allowed four runs in 30 games for New York after being traded by the White Sox. With six appearances in the postseason, including a goalless two-inning stint in Houston, he only allowed one run in eleven innings. But then he had the worst off-season outing of his career.

At the end of eighth place, Robertson came 3-1 behind the Yankees from Houston in game 6 of the ALCS and was lit for four goals and four runs. He couldn't withdraw any of the four Batters he was facing.

"I was upset in game 6," said Robertson. "And I felt like I was in this game, which I've thrown better than ever in my whole life. I had some pitches that were hit that I was a little shocked by, and some pitches that weren't swinging, of which I was a little bit shocked. At the time I wasn't thinking about what we now know. But now everything is coming together and I'm annoyed about it, that's for sure. "

The Astros rolled the Yankees 7-1 to tie the series before taking the series in Game 7 the next evening. Houston went on to defeat the Dodgers and win the World Series.

In 2019, it became known that the Astros signs stole through a technology-based sign theft scheme.

"I will never get back in 2017," said Robertson. "I can't say I will never play in an LCS again in the future, but I will never get back this season with this group of guys and the opportunity to win a World Series."

Carlos Beltran, who was Robertson's teammate with the Yankees, has reportedly led the sign theft operation. Robertson admitted that he was surprised by Beltran's extensive involvement.

"I always respected him as a player, especially as a veteran on our team, when I was given the opportunity to play with him in New York," said Robertson. “I enjoyed how he played and how he ran his business. He has to live with it. "