Delhi Results: AAP Manish Sisodia Trailing, Nail Biter for Atishi

Delhi results live updates: AAP Manish Sisodia Trailing, nail biter for Atishi

Delhi results live updates: AAP Manish Sisodia Trailing, nail biter for Atishi

2020 election results: AAP's Atishi follows in Kalkaji

New Delhi:

Arvind Kejriwal will return as chief minister as his party has gained a massive lead over the closest rival in Delhi when the votes for the Delhi elections were counted. The Delhi-based party now leads with 58 seats, while the BJP has the edge with only 12 seats. "There are several rounds of counting. I will tell our workers that there is no need to be discouraged. We are in a good position. There are only 1,000 voices between AAP and BJP in 27 seats," said BJP- Chef Manoj said Tiwari. "Everything can happen." Congress failed to open an account again.

Although AAP is way ahead of the BJP, the Delhi-based party holds at least 20 seats that it won in the 2015 elections. For the BJP, which carried out a high-voltage campaign for the February 8 elections, early trends show an increase of 20 seats.

The heavyweights leading in various constituencies include Rakhi Birla, Ragav Chaddha, Satyender Jain and Kapil MIsrawho, who have switched camps from AAP to BJP. All congress heavyweights, including Alka Lamba, Arvinder Singh Lovely, Ashok Kumar Walia and Poonam Azad, will follow. Among the AAP heavyweights are Atishi and Minister Satyendar Jain.

According to surveys, the Aam Aadmi party led by Arvind Kejriwal, the BJP, who launched their campaign to protest the Anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Shaheen Bagh, is expected to deliver a good show.

The election campaign for the 2020 Delhi election was bitter and polarized, and political discourse was stalled by the threat of slogans and bad language.

The ruling AAP attempted to maintain power in the areas of education, health, and cheap electricity and water, while the main opposition party, the BJP, launched a massive campaign that detained most of its 70 union ministers, 270 MPs, and 14 member leaders and prime ministers from various countries to deliver their campaign message on anti-CAA protests and nationalism.

The Delhi 2020 elections were held on Saturday. 62.59 percent of the city's voters came out to exercise their democratic rights. The turnout in the last parliamentary elections in 2015 was 67.5 percent.

Post-poll polls predicted up to 56 of the 70 AAP meeting seats, while 14 remained for the BJP and zero for Congress.

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Here are the live updates on the results of the Delhi 2020 general election

Don't apologize "to query body," says AAP on its voting machine, which manipulates allegations

Even when Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rose ahead of the BJP ahead of the BJP in counting votes for the Delhi general election, the party said it was good to be vigilant when it comes to the security of voting machines. According to the Saturday poll, AAP cited videos to support its claim that efforts are being made to manipulate electronic voting devices in the general election. When the party asked to apologize to the election commission, Shalini Singh of AAP said: "We will not apologize. It is very good to be vigilant. All parties should follow suit. We were very vigilant."

"You can't call it a" clean sweep ". You can compare the results with 2015. See how much our share of votes has grown," said BJP boss Priya Chaudhary.

Surveys in Delhi 2020: celebrations in the AAP office as a sign of the winning party

With blue and white balloons, bunting and huge clippings from their leader Arvind Kejriwal, AAP employees went into celebration mode at their party headquarters when trends showed the party was leading in 58 out of 70 seats.

The drums of victory sounded loud and clear as hundreds of party workers danced to the words "Lage raho Kejriwal".

Elections in Delhi: "In Delhi we will be decimated again," said Sharmistha Mukherjee from Congress

Congresswoman Sharmistha Mukherjee has admitted that the party was again decimated in the Delhi general election.

"We are decimated again in Delhi. Enough self-observation, now time to act. Excessive delays in decision-making at the top, lack of strategy and unity at the state level, demotivated workers, no basic connection – all factors. I also take my part of the responsibility" Ms. Mukherjee tweeted.

Delhi election campaign between giant and dwarf: congress chairman

The Delhi general election was a struggle between "a giant and a pygmy," and the AAP wins it, despite the fact that the NDA government is using all its strength to seize power from the national capital, the PTI news agency said.

"The common people have chosen to vote for either BJP or AAP. It is a vote for the development agenda. The entire government with all its machinery was stationed in Delhi to win this election. From the Prime Minister to the grass-roots workers," It was a fight between a giant and a dwarf and the dwarf won, "he said.

"We have to analyze the results. We probably couldn't keep up with what Arvind Kejriwal could deliver": RK Sinha, BJP MP

2020 election results: AAP leads Seelampur, BJP wins Bawana

Election results: Arvind Kejriwal is the leader in New Delhi

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal is comfortably placed in New Delhi with 11,308 votes. BJP's Sunil Kumar Yadav voted in 4,909 votes. Romesh Sabharwal has 949 in his name.

Elections in Delhi 2020: Alka Lamba is ahead of Chandni Chowk with over 12,000 votes

Congress & # 39; Alka Lamba is behind with over 12,000 votes from the Chandni Chowk constituency. AAP's Parlad Singh Sawhney is a leader.

Election results: BJP candidate from Okhla

BJP candidate Braham Singh leads the constituency of the Okhla congregation, in which there have been massive protests against the new citizenship law.

Acting MLA Amanatullah Khan was 194 votes behind, according to the election commission.

2020 election results: Kapil Mishra follows in Model Town

AAP's Akhilesh Pati Tripathi continues to lead BJP candidate Kapil Mishra from the Model Town constituency.

Election results: Braham Singh of BJP leads with 194 votes from the constituency Okhla, Amanatullah Khan of AAP follows

Delhi results: Satyender Garg follows in Shakur Basti

AAP's Atishi is fighting hard against BJP's Dharambir Singh in Kalkaji. Atishi is fighting hard against BJP's Dharambir Singh in Kalkaji. The AAP chairman voted in 11,416 votes, 11 votes less than the BJP candidate.

Atishi in Kalkaji, eleven places behind

Delhi Results: Ragav Chaddha, Satyender Jain lead in the respective seats

The heavyweights leading in various constituencies include Rakhi Birla, Ragav Chaddha, Satyender Jain and Kapil Misra, who have switched camps from AAP to BJP.

2020 election results: Manish Sisodia with 74 seats in Patparganj in front
AAP's Manish Sisodia received 8,791 votes in Patparganj. BJP's Ravinder Singh Negi took second place with 8,717 votes.

"The fact that we have now been unable to resolve our leadership issues is demoralizing the workers. We are abandoning the party because we are not determined. There is no better time for Congress to return," said Congress Chairman Sanjay Jha.

2020 election results: perform better than forecast by exit polls, says Delhi BJP boss

"BJP employees should not be disappointed because there are still many rounds of counting. We are far ahead of the starting election. 27 seats have a difference of 700-1000 votes," he said.

AAP leads Sangam Vihar and Deoli seats. The party led by Arvind Kejriwal is also ahead.

Results of the new elections in Delhi 2020: Congress periods in the seats dominated by minorities

Congress Stalwarts follow minority-dominated seats in early trends.

Parvez Hashmi was on the way back from Okhla, where Delhi's ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was ahead.

Arvinder Singh Lovely and Chaudhry Mateen Ahmed were also on the squares of Gandhinagar and Seelampur.

Election results: AAP's Manish Sisodia is the leader in Patparganj
Manish Sisodia, a journalist who has become a social activist and one of the most famous faces, is looking for a second term.
Election results: Arvind Kejriwal leading in New Delhi

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has won the seat twice in the past.

Election results: "Arvind Kejriwal's free power offer before polls affected the poor": BJP MP

Arvind Kejriwal's announcement last year not to charge Delhi residents if they use no more than 200 units of electricity per month seems to have affected the poor, Delhi BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri said when the votes for the Delhi elections were counted.

AAP led and drove in the first hour before the BJP.

"Arvind Kejriwal's decision two months before the election to supply up to 200 units with free electricity has affected the poor. If the BJP workers succeed in ensuring that the central government's plans hit the ground, the BJP's performance will be good, "Mr Bhidhuri told NDTV.

"If they don't make the programs hit the ground, the Kejriwal government, which provides 200 units of free electricity, will benefit," he added.

In August last year, Prime Minister Kejriwal announced that people in Delhi would not be billed if they did not use more than 200 units of electricity a month. It costs the government 1,800 to 2,000 rupees a year for electricity subsidies, the Prime Minister had said.

Delhi election result: "Our victory will prove what real patriotism is," said AAP's Manish Sisodia

When Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) ran the BJP to vote for the Delhi election, his deputy, Manish Sisodia, said his party's victory would mean "real nationalism should work for people".

AAP led with over 50 seats in the first hour of the count and the BJP with around 17 seats.

"Our victory will prove that real patriotism is that if you get an opportunity in politics, you have to work for people. Work for education, hospitals," said Sisodia.

"Delhi will prove that a government that works sincere can win. We have spoken repeatedly about schools and hospitals, but the other side has tried to pollute the atmosphere and only speak about Hindu Muslims," ​​said the deputy Prime Minister of the BJP.

The AAP has accused the BJP of attempting to polarize voters in Delhi by writing the anti-national narrative about protests against the Citizenship Act, particularly in Shaheen Bagh.

Several BJP leaders, including Interior Minister Amit Shah, devoted their campaign to attacking those who opposed the Citizenship Act, calling them "traitors". AAP claimed that it would have won all of its development work in the past five years.

Arvinder Singh from the Lovely congress in Gandhi Nagar

Arvinder Singh Lovely is a congress leader who left his party in 2017 to join the BJP. He returned to Congress in February 2018. Mr. Lovely has been associated with the Congress for over three decades. He participated in four Delhi assembly elections and won each of them. He was also a minister in the government of Sheila Dikshit. Mr Lovely, who was the Delhi Minister of Education in the past, lost the battle for Lok Sabha's seat in East Delhi to Gautam Gambhir of the BJP in 2019. He served as the head of Congress in Delhi until he was replaced by Ajay Maken when the party was decimated after three terms in the 2015 state polls. In the Delhi elections, he fought against AAP President Naveen Choudhary from Gandhi Nagar headquarters.

Results of the new elections in Delhi 2020: AAP leads Timarpur and Narela

Preparations for Arvind Kejriwal's victory speech begin, as the early trends have a clear lead for the Aam Aadmi Party.

We miss Sheila Dikshit, we couldn't effectively recruit anyone: Abhishek Singhvi

  • AAP should win. BJP seems to be doing better, but it will stabilize at a lower level.
  • As for the congress, we miss the person of Sheila Dikshit (former prime minister and congress leader in Delhi) very much. We lost a big leader and couldn't line up anyone effectively.
  • I'm happy in that BJP doesn't win it. AAP's victory is less disappointing for me. AAP has done a good job in education.
  • The BJP's high campaign worked much less.
Elections in Delhi: Counting centers are located in 11 districts

The counting centers are spread over 21 locations and extend over 70 constituencies. The counting centers are located in 11 districts, including the CWG Sports Complex in East Delhi, the NSIT Dwarka in West Delhi, the Meerabai Institute of Technology and the GB Pant Institute of Technology in South Delhi, the Sir CV Raman ITI, in Dheerpur in Central Delhi and Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Bawana in North Delhi.

After the 50-seat mark was exceeded, the number of AAP seats dropped to 48, as early trends show. However, the party led by Arvind Kejriwal has a comfortable lead over their next rival, BJP, who is in the lead with 22 seats.
Election results: BJP in front in Okhla

BJP candidate Brahm Singh has a lead of 214 votes in Okhla. Shaheen Bagh is part of the Okhla constituency in Delhi, which has a sizeable Muslim population.

The election campaign in Delhi was deeply polarizing. The BJP tried to portray those who protested the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Shaheen Bagh as "traitors" and "anti-national".

The party, which has not been in power in Delhi for 20 years, prevailed against Shaheen Bagh in its narrative, with Interior Minister Amit Shah urging voters to press the button on the electronic voting machine so hard that the "current" persisted felt in Shaheen Bagh ".

Elections in Delhi 2020: People have welcomed the political brand AAP: party leader
"This is not just a confirmation of our efforts, but the AAP brand of politics. Today is a great day for those who want to see an improvement in this nation's politics," said AAP chairman Jasmine Shah.
Live election results in Delhi: Early trends show that BJP is a leader in Hari Nagar

Early trends show that BJP's Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga is the leader in Hari Nagar Square.

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, who is also a spokesman for the BJP, meets Rajkumari Dhillon from Aam Aadmi Party and Surender Sethi from Congress in Hari Nagar.

He has almost 649,000 followers on Twitter. Before joining the BJP, he had an outfit called "Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena", which he described as a "task force against traitors, anti-nationalists and corrupt people".

He appeared in the media in 2011 when he allegedly entered the chambers of lawyer-activist Prashant Bhushan and attacked him for his views on Kashmir. In 2017 the Delhi BJP appointed him spokesman.

Delhi election results: votes cast at Gole Market Counting Center

Elections in Delhi 2020: Alka Lamba follows in Chandni Chowk

Alka Lamba joined the congress student wing, the National Students & # 39; Union of India (NSUI), in 1994 at the age of 19. A year later, she won the election to the Delhi University Students & # 39; Union (DUSU). In 2002 she was appointed General Secretary of the All India Mahila Congress. From 2007 to 2011 she was secretary to the All India Congress Committee. She left Congress in 2013 and joined the new party founded by Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party. Two years later, she won the Delhi Assembly from Chandni Chowk constituency. In 2019 she left the AAP and returned to the congress.

New elections in Delhi: BJP with 16 seats in front show early trends

The BJP is 16 seats ahead, as early trends show.

The BJP has continued its campaign to protest the Anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Shaheen Bagh. The election campaign was bitter and polarized, the political discourse stalled by threatening slogans and unfair language.

Delhi election results: AAP leads Mangol Puri, BJP, in Mundka
AAP leads Mangol Puri in extreme Delhi. The party led by Arvind Kejriwal is also ahead in Jangpura and Kalkaji.

The BJP wins in Mundka.

Election 2020: Raghav Chadha leads in Rajender Nagar

Raghav Chadha, an auditor, at the competition in Rajinder Nagar. Mr. Chadha meets BJP veteran RP Singh, a 58-year-old advertising specialist from the same area, and Rocky Tuseed from Congress, the youngest candidate in the February 8 election.

Mr. Chadha requested votes as "Rajinder Nagar Ka Beta". "The struggle is between AAP and BJP. Congress doesn't exist and BJP is far behind us," he said. "From Pandav Nagar to Karol Bagh, these are the areas I've lived in all my life. I've been given the opportunity to make my birthplace my place of work," he said.

BJP takes the lead early on as the count starts in Delhi. AAP leads in three places.

Elections in Delhi: Exit polls fail, results will favor BJP, says Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari, head of the BJP in Delhi, said he was confident that the BJP in Delhi would form the government with 48 seats in the 70-member assembly.

"I am confident that it will be a good day for BJP. We will come to power in Delhi today. Don't be surprised if we win 55 seats," said Delhi BJP President Tiwari.

When asked about the exit surveys where AAP wins the majority, he said: "These exit surveys will fail."

Delhi election: "Don't be surprised if Arvind Kejriwal loses the election," said Kapil Mishra

BJP candidate Kapil Mishra made a decision on Monday against Arvind Kejriwal, Prime Minister of Delhi, that he might lose the New Delhi constituency.

"The popular mandate is with the BJP. We know the reality because we have worked on site. I have to say that it is not surprising that Kejriwal is beaten out of the New Delhi constituency," he said.

Kapil Mishra was a minister in Arvind Kejriwal's cabinet. After arguing with him, he joined the BJP.

The election campaign for the 2020 Delhi election was bitter and polarized, and political discourse was stalled by the threat of slogans and bad language.

Election results: Congress hopes to emerge as the dark horse in Delhi

Congress hopes to experience a surprise in the state capital, even if the exit surveys say otherwise.

The party was unable to keep up with the BJP's high-octane campaign and the Aam Aadmi party's "Bijli Paani" narratives, and carried out its campaign on development work carried out from December 1998 to December 2013 under the late Prime Minister Sheila Dikshit.

2020 election results: when, where and how can votes be counted?

You can follow Delhi election results live on NDTV 24×7 or to watch the fastest and most accurate developments. The special coverage of the 2020 parliamentary elections in Delhi begins on Tuesday at 7 a.m. on NDTV.

You can visit for the latest constituency results, track known candidates, and follow live updates from the newsroom. The website offers cutting-edge graphics and detailed insights into the results. Readers can find a complete overview of the current share of votes and the results of the past on

Delhi election results: A new poster in front of AAP headquarters in Delhi

The Aam Aadmi Party focused its campaign on pro-people initiatives in the state capital, such as lowering electricity prices, installing CCTV cameras and free bus rides for women.

2020 election results: Exit polls forecast another term for Arvind Kejriwal

According to surveys, the AAP led by Arvind Kejriwal won 56 of the 70 meeting seats in the state capital, 14 for the BJP and zero for the congress.

Elections in Delhi: Only 62 percent vote in Delhi

Only 62 percent of the over 1.47 million Delhi voters exercised their democratic right.

Election results in Delhi: Can Arvind Kejriwal repeat his feat of 2015?

The Delhi 2020 assembly election was viewed as a direct competition between the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the BJP, which is in power in the middle.