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Desktop Adsorption Type 4-Axis Single Head Double Y Automatic Screw Locking Machine


The fixed four-axis automatic locking screw machine is one of the multi-axis automatic lock screw machines. In addition, the multi-axis type custom-made currently includes: single-axis automatic lock screw machine, double-axis automatic lock screw machine , Seven-axis automatic locking screw machine, six-axis automatic locking screw machine, seven-axis automatic locking screw machine and eight-axis automatic locking screw machine seven categories.

1. Wide universality, small in size, can cooperate with production line, convenient for product replacement.
2. With intelligent inspection function, inspection miss locked,unstable locked,loose screw and so on.
3. The Y axis can be made into double-station(that is, double Y axis),so the operator can load alternately.

4. High degree of automation, easy operation which the staff can master and debug quickly.
5. Accurate torsion, convenient adjustment, and the quality of lock is guaranteed.
6. Touch screen display or teach pendant programmable achieve more operations,Through a simple programming, can be put into production, convenient for production and management.. 
7. With the function of leak detection, once a screw did not fill in place it can fill continually or start alarm processing.


Model No. TD306
Name automatic screwdriver machine
Application Communication industry;Optoelectronics industry;appliance industry;Automotive industry;Toy industry
Driving mode Stepping motor
Lead rail Upper silver
Programming interface teaching pandent
Drawing figure straight line,circle,arc,continuous marking,3D irregular line
Moving range X=500MM,Y=300MM,Z=100MM,R=360
Repeated precision ±0.02mm
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Size 585*450*690mm
Weight 80KG
Package Strong wooden box

Our Advantages:

1. Reduce cost:High-efficiency operation is achieved by only one person.one person's efficiency amounts to 3-5 persons' efficiency 
2. High efficiency:the number of electric screwdriver of the Z axis is customizable according to customers' requirements. Several electric screwdrivers can work at the same time.
3. More relax: single equipment for single worker, Just finished loading,Reduce the labor intensity of workers.
4. Reliability:Automatic alarm system, working >20 hours
5. Good image:Iintelligent automatic equipment presents a new appearance of production line in factories,which helps enterprises establish a image of high technology
6. Customization:Robot can be customized based on customers' requirements on products assembly.

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