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Desktop and Three-Axis Automatic Locking Screw Machine for Eclectic Products


Blowing type double platform four-axis automatic locking screw machine is a multi-axis automatic screwing machine consisting of four electric batch shafts and two Y-axes. The screw feeding method is by air blowing type. A screw-locking method for entering the electric batch nozzle provides screw supply.


The difference between the air blowing type and the air suction type is that the air blowing type presses the screw into the electric batch nozzle along the air pipe through the air pressure, and the air suction type is the electric batch nozzle that is locked by the suction screw, and whether the suction type or the blowing type is selected. In the gas type, it is necessary to select according to the size and characteristics of the screw. Generally, the smaller the size of the screw, the better the specific selection depends on the actual situation.


The main advantages of the air-blown dual-platform four-axis automatic locking screw machine are:


1. It can lock four screws at the same time, and the double Y-axis is automatically switched (one shaft is locked and the other shaft is loaded and unloaded), which satisfies the shortage of waiting for the operator to wait for loading and unloading;


2, manual loading and unloading, the machine automatically completes the lock payment and other behaviors, if an abnormality occurs during the lock payment process, the screw opportunity alarm prompts;


3, the turbine screens the screening screw, compared with the vibration plate loading, the volume is smaller, the noise is smaller, and the probability of the material is smaller.



Reasons for product purchase:

1. Applicable to strong, easy to operate: suitable for the majority of industry use, the original amount of work is simple, eliminating employee training time.
2. High efficiency and cost saving: The locking rate can reach 1 screw in 0.8 seconds, which is 1 times higher than the traditional tightening efficiency. Save 1 person.
3. Easier and more secure: The left hand does not need to take the screw, it can be used to hold the product; and it can maintain the vertical lock to ensure the quality of the lock.
4. Cleaner, more environmentally friendly: no longer touch the screw directly, avoiding secondary pollution caused by hand contact and rusting;
5. Intelligent, good image: Intelligent automation equipment to improve production efficiency, establish a high-tech image of the enterprise.

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