Digital Marketing 101: a beginner's guide


Digital marketing: it really doesn't have to be so complicated. We will review what digital marketing is (and what it is not) and the six main elements that you can learn to master the power of a great digital marketing strategy.

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In this video you will learn:
– The three main problems with traditional marketing and how digital marketing solves them all.
– The 6 main elements of digital marketing: search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and email marketing. We will dive deeper into each of these concepts.
– Finally, we will talk about quantity about quality – What is more important and why?

1:55 – Is traditional marketing really dead?
5:08 – The 6 sides of our Rubik's cube of digital marketing
5:26 – SEO (search engine optimization)
8:35 – SEM (Search Marketing)
10:35 – Content Marketing
12:08 – SMM (Social Media Marketing)
13:22 – Affiliate Marketing
15:48 – Email Marketing
17:50 – Quality versus quantity?

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