Do social networks make us feel alone?


Do social networks make you feel alone? Comment below! I interviewed a group of creatives, some teachers and people of different ages and backgrounds for this documentary, to give it some thought …
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This video was selected for the premiere of Buffer Festival 2019! I had never tried to do something like that before, but I wanted to challenge myself and include voices * that were not mine * on this platform … it was a very fun way to collaborate with friends, family, strangers and even spectators (teachers and the poet!) … HUGE thanks to everyone involved!

► Directed / produced / written by: Melanie Murphy
► Working chamber:
► Edit by BNL Productions: and supervised by Melanie Murphy

Creators featured in the document:

Lucy Moon:
Hannah Witton:
Daniel J Layton:
Roz Purcell:
Caroline Foran:
Jordanne Jones:
Jessica Kellgren-Fozard:
Peter Kingston:
Huw Samuel:
Mandy Celine
Sarah Courtney:

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Answer the question "are social networks doing it ONLY and why? Below, because this is a topic that I can't stop thinking about lately and I would really love to start a conversation about it with this video.