Doc Rivers breaks Knicks Messing for not supporting David Fizdale

<pre><pre>Doc Rivers breaks Knicks Messing for not supporting David Fizdale


LOS ANGELES – Doc Rivers, Clippers coach, aimed to help Knicks management fail to support repressed coach David Fizdale during the team's long defeat, and called President Steve Mills ominous press conference after ten games false.

Rivers added that he hoped interim coach Mike Miller would get the support from Brass that Fizdale didn't have. Fizdale was fired last month after a 4:18 launch.

"It was disappointing," said Rivers, before the Clippers battled the Knicks at Staples Center on Sunday. "I thought he was in a difficult situation. If you see just a few of the comments that were made – that he didn't make – he didn't stand a chance. I was very lucky as a coach. I was really lucky where my back was through thick or thin. I told David that. "

Rivers also made it clear that he referred to Mills and Scott Perry press representatives after the Cleveland shootout on November 10 when the president explained his misfortune about the direction of the team. Fizdale was back in the dressing room and spoke to his players without realizing the press conference. The owner, James Dolan, the sources said, suggested the press conference.

"That was bad," said Rivers. "We all know. Coaching is difficult enough. It's a tough job. "

Rivers joins several other prominent trainers and ex-trainers, including Rick Carlisle, Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, Erik Spoelstra and Stan Van Gundy, who outwitted management for this move.

At the beginning of his career at the Celtics, Rivers survived a terrible 2006/07 season and won an NBA title the following year.

"Boston man, we were terrible, losing 18 games in a row," said Rivers. "Danny Ainge came in every day and apologized to me and persuaded me to stay – not that I was going. That was important to me. That gave me confidence. A great team has emerged. Everything worked out. More coaches need that to be good. "

Knicks broadcaster Wally Szczerbiak, who was in the press conference room, was part of the Celtics team, which ironically lost 18 goals.

Miller entered the Clippers game with a relatively impressive 6-7 clip, but none of the victories went out against a club with a score of .500 or better.

"Mike did a great job, he really did," said Rivers. "I hope now that he trains, he can get that (support). I think it is important for us. I really do."

PG Elfrid Payton, who played in Phoenix after his girlfriend gave birth to his first child, does not play against the Clippers and is not safe for the Lakers game on Tuesday. Payton flew back to Louisiana after losing the sun on Friday night.

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